Ten movies to watch on a first date if you want to be single forever

There’s few things quite as exciting or nerve wracking as a first date. They’re your chance to make a good impression or an … interesting one. I’ve done my time on plenty of first dates myself, and they have ranged from incredibly fun (spontaneously climbing a tree together and having our first kiss among the […]

My top ten Oscar Best Picture nominees (that didn’t win)

So, you’ve lost the Oscar for Best Picture? Well, congratulations, you’re in great company! There are so many brilliant films that were nominated for that coveted award but walked away empty-handed. This list will feature my personal top ten losing Best Picture nominees. Some of them should have won (if this was a just world), […]

‘Teeth’: my slightly unconventional comfort movie

What defines a “comfort movie?” I’ve always understood it to mean a movie that can cheer you up when you’re sad, make you feel safe and secure, and wrap around you like a warm blanket. It’s the kind of movie you watch when you’re feeling sick, heartbroken or overwhelmed. For me, one of those movies […]

Six horror movies directed by women to watch this spooky season

Boo! As October begins, many will take the season as an opportunity to cozy up and watch some horror flicks. Personally, I’m a horror enthusiast year round, but there is something special about the “spooky season” that makes me extra excited to throw on an old favorite or find something new that will haunt my […]