‘The Book of Boba Fett’ was worth the wait

The character Boba Fett has fascinated Star Wars fans for years since his relatively minor role in the original trilogy, his expanded origins in the prequels and recurring appearances in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” Forty-four years after his first-ever appearance in the otherwise maligned 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special—and yes, that is where Fett […]

Netflix’s ‘Cowboy Bebop’: A flawed gem

Netflix’s 2021 live action remake of the beloved anime series “Cowboy Bebop” had big shoes to fill from the very beginning. However, while many anime adaptations tend to be just plain bad, Netflix’s “Cowboy Bebop” is actually entertaining to watch. Thanks in no small part to an excellent cast, some additional character development the original […]

‘Young Justice’ and the meaninglessness of death

Recently, the much anticipated season four of the show “Young Justice” came out on HBO Max. While the first few episodes of the series were generally high quality both in animation and story, the fourth episode took an unexpected turn with the death of Superboy (Nolan North), one of the show’s original protagonists. This supposed […]

‘Dune’ Tries to Do Too Much at Once

The latest attempt to adapt Frank Herbert’s legendary sci-fi novel “Dune” to film is a great attempt at a faithful adaptation to the source material. The film is ambitious and visually stunning. But it tries too hard to recreate that magic of the original novel, which is nearly impossible to do on the big screen. […]

Marvel’s ‘What If’: a refreshing take on Marvel stories

The newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) takes the characters we know from the films outside of the MCU and into the Marvel cinematic multiverse. Each episode of this series takes place in a different universe, where one alternate event leads to an entirely different outcome for that universe. The series also offers […]

‘Star Wars Visions:’ Moving Away from Canon

The most recent addition to Disney +’s “Star Wars” content is not actually an addition to the greater “Star Wars” galaxy, and that’s a good thing. “Star Wars: Visions” is an animated anthology series of nine episodes from nine different Japanese animation studios. Each of the nine episodes is a standalone story, and each has […]

‘How A Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom:’ a unique take on the Isekai genre

The very accurately titled “How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom,” takes a very refreshing take on the Isekai genre. For those uninitiated in the ways of anime, Isekai is a subgenre of fantasy in which a character is transported from their world into a new and unfamiliar one. Some western Isekai stories would be […]

The better Suicide Squad and the Fantabulous Uselessness of Harley Quinn

 “The Suicide Squad” is a follow up to 2016’s “Suicide Squad.” Director James Gunn’s take on this DC comics property greatly improves upon the many flaws of the original. The clearest improvement is that the movie is actually watchable, with a decently follow-able plot and plenty of crazy explosive action. While the movie is undeniably […]

‘The Bad Batch:’ A Bridge Between Series

Disney’s “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” offers a lot to Star Wars fans, especially those who loved “The Clone Wars” and “Rebels” TV shows. However, its greatest strength is also its greatest flaw because the show relies on fans’ previous knowledge of the Star Wars universe a bit too much, and the many cameos from […]

‘The Lathe of Heaven:’ the pinnacle of pandemic entertainment

The COVID-19 pandemic put a hold on many things in our lives as we have had to learn how to reinvent the way we interact, learn and live in a world separated by at least six feet. One casualty of the pandemic was live theater. I have seen many shows this past year of varying […]

‘Stellaris:’ still worth it despite five years of DLC

Back in May 2016, the video game company Paradox Interactive first released a game called “Stellaris.” Over the next five years, Paradox would release an onslaught of paid downloadable content (DLC) and free updates that would change the gameplay dramatically while maintaining the core mechanics that make this sci-fi empire-building game so fun. “Stellaris” is […]

‘Justice League: The Snyder Cut’ is decent at best

The long awaited Snyder Cut improves upon many of the flaws of the original Justice League movie that appeared in theatres back in 2017. I must, however, admit that director Zack Snyder’s vision has several fatal flaws that render what could have been amazing merely passable. That being said, the film has a lot of […]

The ‘South Park’ vaccination special asks what happens after the COVID-19 pandemic

The long-running cartoon series “South Park” has slowed down production. During the pandemic, only two new episodes were produced rather than the usual 10-episode season. The series is famous for pushing the boundaries of comedy and for good taste with its crass humor.  In recent years, however, the “South Park” series has started to take […]

‘Batman: Soul of the Dragon’—Bruce Lee and Bruce Wayne

Despite its title, “Batman: Soul of the Dragon” is not a typical Batman movie. In fact, it’s not a Batman movie at all—it’s a loving tribute to the Bruce Lee films of the 1970s. The movie takes clear inspirations from Bruce Lee’s filmography, primarily “Enter the Dragon” (1973). The film stands out from the crowd […]

Fan service done right in season two of ‘The Mandalorian’

Season two of “The Mandalorian” continues what was great about the first season, but improves upon it by connecting the show to other Star Wars properties. As of press time, four episodes have been released. Each one maintains a fine balance between episodic adventures and overarching storylines, with many references to other Star Wars properties […]

‘Superman: Man of Tomorrow’ explores what it means to be a Superman

“Superman: Man of Tomorrow” updates the world’s greatest superhero by returning to the core of what makes Clark Kent Superman. It’s the first animated film to come after the needlessly dark and depressing DC Animated Movie Universe. Thankfully, this film takes a more optimistic approach to the Superman mythos. The new animation style is bright […]

The evolution of Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn has one of the most compelling character evolutions in the DC universe. She didn’t originate in comic books. Her first appearance ever was in a minor role in the episode “Joker’s Favor” on the show “Batman: the Animated Series,” which premiered in 1992. She was initially portrayed as the Joker’s sidekick and love […]

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, a Second Season Done Right

Kipo is back and better than ever. The excellent first season of “Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts” ended on a massive cliffhanger with many questions left unanswered. Luckily the second season starts right where the first leaves off and exceeds the quality of the first season in almost every way. While Kipo herself grows […]

‘Superman: Red Son’ squanders solid source materia

The latest addition to DC Comics’ roster of animated features, “Superman: Red Son,” had the potential to be one of the best. But the film failed to live up to expectations. Despite having some of the best source material in the DC multiverse, the film is held back by severe flaws. Wooden voice acting, boring […]

‘Quickies’ 2020: the good, the bad and a shelf

The Undergraduate Theater Collective’s (UTC) annual festival “Quickies” showcased nine student-written short plays on Sunday, Feb. 9. Per tradition, all shows were written, directed, produced and performed by Brandeis students. Some of the shows were funny, some serious, but all were entertaining nonetheless. No short play was perfect, but they all showcased the creative talent […]