Fan service done right in season two of ‘The Mandalorian’

Season two of “The Mandalorian” continues what was great about the first season, but improves upon it by connecting the show to other Star Wars properties. As of press time, four episodes have been released. Each one maintains a fine balance between episodic adventures and overarching storylines, with many references to other Star Wars properties […]

‘Superman: Man of Tomorrow’ explores what it means to be a Superman

“Superman: Man of Tomorrow” updates the world’s greatest superhero by returning to the core of what makes Clark Kent Superman. It’s the first animated film to come after the needlessly dark and depressing DC Animated Movie Universe. Thankfully, this film takes a more optimistic approach to the Superman mythos. The new animation style is bright […]

The evolution of Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn has one of the most compelling character evolutions in the DC universe. She didn’t originate in comic books. Her first appearance ever was in a minor role in the episode “Joker’s Favor” on the show “Batman: the Animated Series,” which premiered in 1992. She was initially portrayed as the Joker’s sidekick and love […]

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, a Second Season Done Right

Kipo is back and better than ever. The excellent first season of “Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts” ended on a massive cliffhanger with many questions left unanswered. Luckily the second season starts right where the first leaves off and exceeds the quality of the first season in almost every way. While Kipo herself grows […]

‘Superman: Red Son’ squanders solid source materia

The latest addition to DC Comics’ roster of animated features, “Superman: Red Son,” had the potential to be one of the best. But the film failed to live up to expectations. Despite having some of the best source material in the DC multiverse, the film is held back by severe flaws. Wooden voice acting, boring […]

‘Quickies’ 2020: the good, the bad and a shelf

The Undergraduate Theater Collective’s (UTC) annual festival “Quickies” showcased nine student-written short plays on Sunday, Feb. 9. Per tradition, all shows were written, directed, produced and performed by Brandeis students. Some of the shows were funny, some serious, but all were entertaining nonetheless. No short play was perfect, but they all showcased the creative talent […]

How to Watch Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’

Generally speaking, I try to focus on the positive aspects of a new film or show. I try to talk about the parts of the work that other critics might overlook. And while I did enjoy bingeing Netflix’s “The Witcher,” I cannot overlook some of its glaring flaws.  By the time the Netflix series aired, […]

‘Harley Quinn’ is hyper active and hyper hilarious

In recent days, DC Comics has had a bit of a darker streak. The DC films directed by Zach Synder (“Man of Steel,” “Batman v. Superman” and sort-of “Justice League”) gave a gritty outlook on the beloved comic book characters in a manner that divided fans and critically flopped. All the gritty reinterpretations of DC […]

‘Of a Mirror and Its Fragments:’ a reflection on grief and loss

On Friday, Nov. 8, the first performance ever of “Of a Mirror and Its Fragments” premiered in the Merrick Theater. Written by Brandeis’ own Olivia Ellson ’21, the thirty-minute show is an adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen.” Ellson’s adaptation does more than simply adapt the old story into a modern […]

Boston’s ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern,’ emerges a tragicomic masterpiece

Last Wednesday, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing a wonderful performance of Tom Stoppard’s tragic comedy “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” at the Huntington Theatre Company in Boston. Going into the show, I had very little knowledge about the show (which originally premiered in 1966), save for the fact that it was “Hamlet” from […]

Sh*tfaced Shakespeare Presents ‘Macbeth, but Drunk’

On Saturday, Sept. 21, Brandeis’ Shakespeare society, Hold Thy Peace, sponsored a unique and unforgettable event. The group went to see Shitfaced Shakespeare’s production of Macbeth at The Rockwell in Boston. In this performance, the Bard’s infamous Scottish tragedy becomes one of his most outrageous comedies to ever grace the stage. This shift from tragedy […]

‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ review: a return done right

On August 30, Netflix added a new series to its ever-expanding roster, a prequel to the beloved Jim Henson masterpiece “The Dark Crystal.” Released almost 37 years after the initial film, “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” returns to the fantastical and imaginative world of Thra and follows the story of the Gelflings prior to […]

‘Godzilla: King of Monsters’ review: let them fight

The most recent addition to Legendary Entertainment and Warner Brother’s Cinematic Monsterverse, “Godzilla: King of Monsters” is a perfect example of a movie that must be seen in theaters. However, the film does suffer from a truly outrageous plot and bad writing. The main plot centers around Dr. Emma Russel and her daughter Madison, played […]

Joker 2019: why you should be excited

As an avid DC comics fan I was initially skeptical of the new “Joker” movie. I will admit that I thought it would just be an attempt to recapture the magic of Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker. Another concern I had was the choice in director; Todd Phillips has previously directed movies like “The […]

‘Justice League vs. the Fatal Five’ is effortlessly entertaining

DC Comics’ newest animated movie, “Justice League vs. the Fatal Five,” is a joy to experience for any DC Comics fan. The premise of the movie is equal parts simple and convoluted, just like the comics they are based on. The Fatal Five, the arch enemies of the Legion of Superheroes in the 31st century, […]

‘Much Ado’ adds something new

Hold Thy Peace’s (HTP) recent production of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” added a new spin on the classic comedy. While the plot of the play was maintained, the setting changed from Messina, Sicily to a high school straight out of a ’90s romantic comedy. In the spirit of Shakespeare adaptations like Ten Things I […]

‘Aquaman’ stuns and excites

The latest installment to the DC Extended Universe, “Aquaman” is visually breathtaking and incredibly fun to watch. While it is by no means a perfect movie, it makes up for its flaws with entertaining action scenes and surprisingly deep and nuanced characters. The main plot follows Arthur, better known as Aquaman, who is half Atlantean […]

Boris’ Kitchen’s Fall Fest is a laugh riot

Boris’ Kitchen’s Fall Fest was a hilarious two-night spectacle of sketch comedy. From Santa Claus to a Scissor Goblin, this event had something for everyone to laugh at. The sketches themselves varied from topical humor to utterly ridiculous concepts like the aforementioned Scissor Goblin. The show was well-directed by Perry Letourneau ’20 and Anderson Stinson […]

‘Circle Mirror Transformation’ captivates through characters

The Department of Theater Arts’ production of Annie Baker’s “Circle Mirror Transformation” explores the life and relationships of its characters through the unique setting of a theater class. Coming into the first scene of the play, the audience is given very little to work with in terms of exposition, just the cast sitting on the […]