Take CARE with Brandeis’ Carceral Awareness Group

The inner workings of the United States prison system are not always spoken about and often downplayed, even on college campuses that emphasize social justice. In light of this, a group of students with the goal for “educating the student and Waltham community about the realities and impacts of the carceral system” take a stand […]

Harmony reaches new heights: an interview with Rather be Giraffes

If you’re itching to get involved in the a cappella scene at Brandeis, Rather be Giraffes (RBG) may be just what you are looking for! The Hoot sat down with RBG’s president, Morgan Collens ’26, to learn more about this high energy group of dedicated singers. Though one of the newer a cappella groups on […]

Brandeis Gymnastics Club is flipping fantastic

There are many opportunities for the most active of Brandeis students to engage in physical activities, but there is nothing quite like having the chance to be a part of the one and only Brandeis Gymnastics club. The Hoot sat down with the club’s vice president and social media chair Ella Majeski ‘26 to learn […]

From Brandeisian to Nobel Prize winner: a look into the life of Drew Weissman

One of Brandeis’ most notable alumni, Drew Weissman ’81, GSAS MA’81, P’15, H’23, has been gaining coverage recently for his research in the field of messenger RNA, which has led to his award of a coveted Nobel Prize of Physiology or Medicine in company with Katalin Karikó, H’23, who is currently senior vice president at […]

Shalom to Brandeis’ Reform club: an interview with Baruch

Want to get in touch with Judaism but don’t know where to start? Then Baruch is definitely the club for you! This week, we delve into one of the oldest and most accepting reform groups on campus, who promises to help you “find your joyous Jewish second home.” The Brandeis Hoot sat down with Noah […]

Behind comedy genius: an interview with Boris’ Kitchen

With a multitude of clubs at arm’s reach, it may be difficult to figure out which ones are the right fit for you. This week, we shed light on a club that promises they are “funnier than SNL!” The Brandeis Hoot sat down with Leo Farrelly ’24, one of the co-presidents of Boris’ Kitchen (BK), […]

School subjects as colors—using color psychology!

Amidst the chaos of the upcoming school year, students are rushing in a frenzy to retail stores to gather supplies for their brand new classes. Yet, each year, there is an unresolved (and heated) debate centered around something so surprisingly simple: colors.   Though the debate of colors may be something you would imagine to […]

Chatting up a Storm on AI

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot made to answer questions on a multitude of topics, and serve as a helpful resource. ChatGPT can be used to give career advice, further personal development, talk about entertainment and pop culture and much more. Often, though, it is used as an educational resource for students of all ages […]

A glimpse into Overheard at Brandeis: We are all ears

It’s another normal day on Brandeis campus, and you are eating at the dining hall with your friends, when suddenly you overhear a stranger say the most hilarious thing you could have ever imagined. You wish that this moment could be encapsulated in time forever, for future generations to hear…    Luckily, Overheard at Brandeis […]