Adagio enchants with diverse dance performances in semester show

The meme “Keep Calm and Dance On” was plastered on a piercing red backdrop adjacent to the ticket stand, a most fitting first sight at Adagio Dance Company’s semester show. This wall decoration set a precedent before even entering Levin Ballroom on Nov. 17 that hinted at a flaming zeal for this art form, a […]

Artistic expression helps students get through the election

“America sucks” is haphazardly scribbled in chalk on one of the walls in what is considered the hub of creativity at Brandeis. Also known as Chum’s, this small room in the Castle served as the hotspot for a congregation of Brandeis students who anxiously awaited the results of this year’s general election. The feverish anticipation […]

First ever BLSO event ‘Incendio’ lights up the night

If ever a little hard work and determination made a real difference, it would have been at Brandeis Latinx Student Organization’s (BLSO) first ever cultural event, “Incendio.” The blood, sweat and tears of the E-board were apparent upon first entering through Levin Ballroom’s doors at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 22—from the glimmering out-of-this-world decorations […]

Merrill’s ‘THE SQUARE’ contemplates war, misery, relationships

Viewing the world through the lens of a gun: That’s what so many video game players nowadays can attest to, having spent countless hours running through ruined alleyways, hiding behind wrecked cars and mercilessly shooting their counterparts. War is honored and glorified, but at what cost? Amy Merrill’s “THE SQUARE” takes a very different approach […]

The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ transfixes with cars, babes, crosses

Within the first minute of the video, viewers see the Weeknd gagged and bound, a plastic bag over his face. A person clad completely in black proceeds to suffocate him with the plastic bag, and the camera stays on his face until the life leaves his eyes. A very dead Weeknd falls off the chair, […]

Brandeisians enjoy Nightmarket food under the stars

Over the weekend, Fellows Garden was the center of campus life, with brilliantly strung lights and contemporary pop songs resonating through the crabapple tree branches—nothing could have better set the mood for the Taiwanese Student Association’s (TSA) Nightmarket. As the sun set and the night slowly darkened, a line began to form around the SCC […]

Joshua Gordon enamors with a masterful cello performance

Some performers, specifically musicians, walk on the stage and have an unmistakable presence, a certain swagger of sorts when they meet the audience’s eyes. They have a certain ease of step and self-assured expression on their faces as they take a seat on the stage, hardly speaking a word. With a deep inhale of the […]

Solar Winds Quintet flares up Slosberg

Music’s sultry, mystical quality comes not from the instruments that combine to produce a perfect merging of sound nor the finesse of the players nor even the individual composition they chose to perform. Actually, what makes music intangible is the collision of all these facets, as well as its unique ability to send the listener […]

‘Resting bitch face’ perpetuates sexist idea of women as no more than smiles

Women undoubtedly face certain obstacles that men do not. These forms of inequality may not be as blatant as in past decades, like when women couldn’t vote, but the way we talk about women in everyday conversation is indicative of how we view women in our society. These more subtle transgressions are a huge problem […]

Brandeis remembers former Rose director

Carl Belz, who served the Brandeis community for nearly 40 years in a variety of roles and who left an impression on many of the Brandeis students he encountered along the way, recently died at 78 years of age. He suffered a heart attack in his home of Arlington, MA on Sunday, Aug. 28. An […]

A cappella groups warmly invite freshmen to audition

If “Pitch Perfect” was any sort of indicator, one exciting aspect of the so-called college experience is the a cappella groups. Brandeis University is home to many of these thriving performance-based clubs with names ranging from VoiceMale to To Cheap for Instruments to Up the Octave. All are known for their individual niches, as no […]

Brandeis in Siena impassions students’ love affair with the Renaissance

As the summer of 2016 quickly comes to a close—a summer which, by the way, was full of glorious nights and mildly hot weather—some students’ study abroad experience also comes to a sudden halt. One of Brandeis’ most exciting fine arts-centered opportunities, the Brandeis in Siena Program boasts an amazing studio art driven class coupled […]

Brandeis Ballet Company mesmerizes with modern technique

The Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts wouldn’t have been complete without the arguably most engaging art form—dance. There is something instantly mesmerizing about human bodies in motion; every turn, kick and arm motion reveals careful attention to detail and oftentimes years’ worth of repetition. An absolutely necessary aspect of the festival, the Brandeis […]

Knighthorse Theatre Company skillfully performs Shakespeare’s works

Brandeis’ annual Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts rightfully had the slogan “Shout the Big Dreams,” a theme which incorporated the artistic inclinations of more than 300 critically acclaimed Brandeis students and alumni. Produced by the Office of Arts, the festival was open and free to the public and featured a plethora of art […]

Adagio dancers make a touchdown with latest spring performance

There is nothing as fantastical as watching humans in motion. Dance in and of itself is such a beautiful form of self-expression—able to convey such emotion, feeling and finesse—that when performed in unison, displays the grandeur of the human form. The same can be said about Adagio Dance Company’s most recent performance “Undefeated: Adagio Spring […]

The mysterious graffiti box explained

You may have passed by the SCC last week and wondered why there was a giant wooden box. With no identifying information, it may have been puzzling to understand what the purpose of the box was—the inner controversial theorist may have even guessed that it was part of a social experiment. However, the box’s purpose […]

Criticism of latest meatless Monday unwarranted

One of the easiest things to complain about at Brandeis University is, without even a moment’s hesitation, the food. Sodexo has undoubtedly been the recipient of some of the heaviest criticisms at this school—oftentimes painted as though the workers purposefully sabotage the food, Sodexo just cannot seem to please the student body no matter what […]

Batman vs. Superman defies the monotony of the genre

In a long series of superhero movies that have come out in the last few years, it would seem that there is no originality left in the genre. Pinning superhero against supervillain in a rather predictable storyline that every audience member saw coming, these films typically incorporate fight sequences that involve a series of testosterone-fueled […]

Wolfe’s new art exhibit conveys various aspects of Iranian culture

No matter where you turn here at Brandeis, it seems like art pervades every nook and cranny, even to the furthest reaches of campus. The Rose Art Museum is not the only place you can go to in order to satisfy your need to engage with art (though that desire would be better served if […]

Giving the incarcerated voice through artistic expression

One of America’s ugliest truths and an issue that continues to be swept under the rug is its sheer number of incarcerated people—the largest population behind bars in the entire world. This is one instance where our leadership is most unwelcome. Since 1970, the prison population has increased over 700%, and a 2011 report showed […]