Professor Christine Grienberger’s research on integration of synaptic inputs in mammalian brain

Professor Christine Grienberger (BIOL) is a new faculty member at Brandeis. She is specifically an Assistant Professor of Biology. She is a neuroscientist whose research mainly focuses on understanding how information is processed in the mammalian brain. She looks at individual neurons and how they integrate synaptic inputs. Her lab studies the entorhinal-hippocampal circuit, which […]

Organic farming the US and Germany

At the event entitled, “CGES Online: Good Food for All—Towards Sustainable Food Systems in Germany and the US,” Friedhelm Von Mering and Ed Stockman discussed organic farming in Germany and the US. Friedhelm Von Mering is a political liaison manager at Bund Ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft (BÖLW), also known as the German Association of Organic Farmers, Food […]

In remembrance of those deported from Hamburg

In an event titled, “80 years after Deportations from Hamburg,” Stefan Wilbricht discussed “Hannoverscher Bahnhof,” the center where many Jewish people were deported from Hamburg, Germany. Wilbricht is the curator of a documentation center that is being created to honor those who were deported. Currently, a team of nine is working on an exhibition to […]

Orly Nathan: Pursuing Marcia Freedman’s ideas for women’s rights

In the event titled, “She Knows: Using the Brandeis Feminist Collection Archives to Explore the History of Israeli Feminism,” Orly Nathan, the Elaine Reuben ’63-HBI Jewish Feminism Collections Scholar in Residence discussed her current work. Nathan is the chief information specialist of “She Knows (Yoda’at)” at the Samuel Neaman Institute at the Technion.  “She Knows” […]

Ulla Lenze’s debut into American literature

In “Authors in Conversation: Ulla Lenze and Marshall Yarbrough, The Radio Operator (Der Empfänger),” author Ulla Lenze and translator Marshall Yarbrough discussed Lenze’s newest novel, “The Radio Operator.” This novel represents Lenze’s debut into American literature and depicts the life of German immigrants living in the U.S. right before the start of World War II. […]

The PARC Community Engagement Group: building community based response to violence

The Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center (PARC) Community Engagement Group is a new group that was started by Eva Bohn ’22. Bohn explained that she spent the summer of 2020 working on a project with PARC which involved creating the PARC Community Engagement Group in an interview with The Brandeis Hoot. Bohn explained, “something I […]

How COVID-19 has affected academic faculty at medical schools

People have wondered whether the COVID-19 pandemic has increased burnout in physicians throughout the United States. Dr. Linda Pololi, a distinguished senior scientist and research scholar in the Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis, has been conducting research on the culture of academic medicine and how COVID-19 has affected academic faculty at medical schools. She […]

Long-Form Storytelling: Podcast and Written Form

In today’s day and age, podcasts are exploding. Podcast numbers have doubled in the last year and continue to grow exponentially. Podcasts provide a unique method of storytelling and therefore it may be useful for students to know how to tell a story through a podcast. “JOUR 113a: Long-form Journalism: Storytelling for Magazines and Podcasts” […]

Raising awareness for the farmers’ protests in India

On March 26, Professor Avinash Singh (HIST/IGS/SAS) gave a talk on the farmers’ protests in India to raise awareness of the ongoing issue. He explained that India has had many farmers’ protests, and the majority of farmers who protest are from Punjab and are Sikh. The protests date back to the British rule over India. […]

Intersectional Feminist Coalition (IFC): a safe space for individuals to express their thoughts

This semester, the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA) decided to change their name to the Intersectional Feminist Coalition (IFC). “We became aware of [the Feminist Majority Foundation’s] transphobic, racist and anti-union actions and we wanted to distance ourselves from this and we didn’t think that those [views] represented the values of our club,” events coordinator […]

New class explores African diaspora genres through Beyoncé’s music

Are you a loyal Beyoncé fan? Do you love to blast “Lemonade” or “Formation” in your car and sing at the top of your lungs? A new class titled “AAAS/WGS 152B: Beyoncé and Beyond: The Politics of Black Popular Music” may be just the class for you. Professor Shoniqua D. Roach (AAAS/WGS) is excited to […]

New course offered providing students with skills to work in ESL/bilingual education

Students will engage with organizations in the Waltham community and in the ESL/Bilingual education program to learn more about the context of education and how to approach teaching individuals who have grown up in a bilingual environment, in a new course “Waltham Speaks: Multilingualism, Advocacy and Community.”  “A very important goal for me is that […]

Prof. Gary Samore: the man who survived a terrorist attack

Imagine traveling to India for a conference and getting caught in the middle of a terrorist attack. You are stuck in your hotel room and hear explosions and gunshots all around you. Suddenly, when you are finally able to get some sleep, you hear an extremely loud explosion and see that your hotel is on […]

ShareOn: A platform with tools to create a community

A Brandeis student created a new online platform called ShareOn, where individuals can engage with each other through posts. The platform was created by Alex Blattner ’22, who wanted to build a platform that connected inspirations from several other social media sites into one place.  In an interview with The Hoot, Blattner explained that when […]

The Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance: A safe place to express yourself

The Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA) at Brandeis was created as a subdivision of the Feminist Majority Foundation. The main goal of the Feminist Majority Foundation is to “empower intersectional communities economically, socially, and politically.” FMLA was created more than 20 years ago because Brandeis needed a community where feminists could engage in discussions about […]

HealthBits: A platform that educates individuals “bit-by-bit” on public health

Sabreen Huq ‘22 and Maheeb Rabbani ‘23 have created HealthBits, an online platform that aims to provide resources to educate individuals on issues related to public health. HealthBits is an educational platform that is used to inform people creatively. As Huq explains, “we’re not just trying to shoot information at you because you can get […]

Students help Students with Brandeis Mutual Aid Fund

The Brandeis Mutual Aid Fund provides financial, mental health, transportation and food support through anonymous means. This fund is not a charity or a means to help the “less fortunate,” and  is unaffiliated with Brandeis as an institution. Instead, it is a fund for Brandeis students—created due to the shortcomings of Brandeis as an institution. […]