‘I Am Global Week’ exhibits various cultures

I Am Global Week is a week during which Brandeis celebrates the global achievements of its community and allows for international and domestic students to work together to display said global community. I Am Global Week features many events such as the Mega-Language Lunch (MELA) and the Global Bazaar. I Am Global Week was previously […]

Kindness Week brings Brandeis faculty and students together

This year, Nov. 10 to 15 marks Kindness Week, a week in which students and faculty come together to celebrate being kind to one another and spreading positivity. Kindness Week was created 10 years ago when students and faculty collaborated in order to create a week that celebrates kindness on campus. According to its coordinators, […]

Brandeis Buddies bridges gaps between individuals

In an email interview, Amy Ollove ’21, Norma Stobbe ’20 and Theresa Weis ’20, the coordinators of Brandeis Buddies, explain that Brandeis Buddies is a social and recreational program that partners with Opportunities for Inclusion, and the Waltham branch of the Arc, an organization that aids adults with developmental disabilities. The three coordinators state that […]

Meet the Faculty Senate

While most Brandeis students might be familiar with the Student Union Senate, they might not know about a similar body that represents the faculty members that form an integral part of life at Brandeis: the Faculty Senate.  The Faculty Senate is a representative body of the faculty, and it aims to investigate anything that has […]

Manfredo’s goals as the Emergency Management Director

UPDATED 10/31 9:15 p.m. In many cases when emergencies strike, terror and uproar are created in the community. Individuals then have to deal with the aftermath of the emergency and must work together to mend it. To prevent these emergencies from happening in the first place, steps need to be taken in order to create […]

Diamond’s hopes for inclusivity in Waltham schools

Marisa Diamond’s deep connection to Brandeis came before she was born, through her mother Marci Diamond ’91, who was a varsity track and field athlete, a Justice Brandeis Scholar and Waltham Group Coordinator. Marci Diamond currently serves as an Advisory Board member of the Waltham Alliance to Create Housing (WATCH) Housing Advocacy Clinic and has […]

The Ottoman Empire: a complex anomaly

Brandeis welcomes a new class titled “The Ottoman Empire: From Principality to Republic by way of Empire” taught by Professor Amy Singer (HIST). This class explores the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire as it grows from a small kingdom to a large empire and will be offered every second year.  Professor Singer joined […]

‘To kill or not to kill, that is the question’

Imagine you are an animal, living in a world that is dominated by humans. Humans control how you live, whether you have access to food, whether you can continue living or simply become meat for humans to eat. If you are the family pet, you are taken care of as if you are a child […]

Representation for Asian Americans

Imagine moving to a new country where you do not speak the language fluently, and therefore you cannot communicate properly with others. You must not only seek out work, but raise a family and provide better opportunities for them. Your children face racism and discrimination because they are different from others, and you experience many […]

Have no fear, Grad Bag is here

As the semester comes to a close, students are probably wondering what to do with all of the items they used during the year that they don’t plan on using next year. Students could throw these items out, or they could donate to Grad Bag, a donation-based organization that cleans and repackages used dorm supplies […]

Spanish-language books added to Brandeis Library

The Brandeis library has recently added many Spanish-language books to the non-English recreational reading collection. The books can be seen in Farber one, near Starbucks. Maric Kramer, a social sciences librarian, was able to attend the Fería Internacional del Libro (FIL) in Guadalajara, Mexico, which inspired her to add these new books to the non-English […]

Building a Library at BINCA

Imagine moving to a new country and having to learn the language, embrace the culture and understand the social norms. This is exceedingly difficult, but on top of that, imagine not having access to a library. You have very few ways of accessing books, which aid you in learning about the new world around you […]

Brandeis team talks the talk at the Hult Prize Competition

Imagine presenting an idea to an audience of business leaders who stare down your soul as fellow competitors wait for you to choke. You nervously clutch the microphone and stare into the eyes of a business tycoon who could make or break your whole career. For the last 10 years, a social impacts competition called […]

The Woodland Caribou: A declining species

On Monday, March 11, Brandeis University conducted the seventh annual Mandel Lectures in the Humanities, featuring the first of three lectures by Professor Nancy Langston on the topic of “Ghost Species: the Uncertain Future of Woodland Caribou in the Anthropocene.” Each year, the Mandel Lectures in the Humanities series attempts to promote the study of […]

Brandeis hosts the 2019 New England SACNAS Regional Meeting

On Saturday, March 23, Brandeis will be hosting the 2019 New England SACNAS (Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science) Regional Meeting from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The goal of this organization is to create opportunities for students to pursue the sciences during the academic year, the summer and after individuals […]

New Minority and Philosophy chapter at Brandeis

What does one think of when they imagine philosophers? Maybe they think of the names Immanuel Kant, Noam Chomsky, Sigmund Freud, René Descartes and Karl Marx. What do all of these people have in common? They are all white male philosophers that are well known for discovering some sort of theory, phenomenon or fact about […]

Inclusivity at Brandeis talks back

As part of ’Deis Impact, on Wednesday, Feb. 6, the Caribbean Cultural Club hosted an event called “The Talk Back Session: Inclusion in Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs).” The event consisted of a panel of students, alumni and faculty answering questions posed by the Carribean Cultural Club E-board. The panel included Julivic Marquez ’18; Dr. Chad […]

Brandeis welcomes midyears

Being a first-year in college is hard enough, but imagine beginning your first semester at Brandeis in January. While other first-years rejoice to see their friends after a long and restful break, you have to tackle adjusting to the freezing temperatures in New England, finding your classes in the maze that is the Brandeis campus […]

New course to explore white ‘Middle America’

The newest addition to the English department in the courses dated post-1800 is ENG 88b, titled “Rednecks, Hillbillies, and White Trash: Literature and Culture of the ‘Deplorables.’” This class aims to explore sources written by or about poor whites and consequently discuss difficult topics such as racism, classism and privilege and how these topics affect […]

Brandeis Asian American Task Force posted timeline in library

In most cases, Asian American history is touched upon in high school history classes as a small unit or topic to educate students on the timeline in which Asian Americans immigrated to the United States. However, many people are, in fact, unaware of the racism and prejudice that Asian Americans dealt with during their immigration. […]