‘Paper Towns’: an authentic teen flick

If you have been paying attention to popular culture in the past few years, especially in the young adult vein, you have probably heard of John Green. His novel, “The Fault in Our Stars” was adapted into a popular feature film last summer. This summer marked the release of an adaptation of another one of […]

Halsey’s new album ‘Badlands’ enchants

I’m not one of those people who highly anticipates an album. My usual policy is not to pay attention to rising artists, but that all changed when I heard Halsey perform live this past  July. The 20-year-old New Jersey native had such a stage presence that, while I was disinterested at first, a third of […]

Powerful performances abound in ‘Vagina Monologues’

I went to the Friday night performance of “The Vagina Monologues” earlier this month and was blown away. It is hard to put into words what I most liked about this piece, but I think I will have to go with the brutal honesty of the scenes presented and the raw emotion that the actresses […]

‘Savage Park’ full of eloquent prose

I am not afraid to die. I would be sad to leave the world behind, and for all the people who would mourn me, but I have no real fear of my own inevitable death. Death, after all, is a very important part of life. “Savage Park,” written by Amy Fusselman and published earlier this […]

Taiwanese Student Association brings comedy to campus with improv

On Wednesday, March 18, I had a great time at the Improv Night put on by the Taiwanese Student Association, and organized by Austin Luor ’17 and Emily Wu ’18. I had never been to a TSA event before, and I was extremely pleased with the atmosphere there. Everyone I talked to was welcoming and […]

‘For Today I Am a Boy’: fantastic debut novel from Kim Fu

I have read many books in my life. Good books, great books and terrible books. I do not think I have ever read a book quite like “For Today I Am a Boy” by Kim Fu. The protagonist is Peter Huang. Peter lives in Fort Michel, Ontario, in a six-person family, complete with a mother, […]