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Fencing excels in busy week

By Sarah Jousset

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February 2, 2018

The men and women’s fencing team competed in the Northeast Fencing Conference hosted by Boston College this past Saturday. The men’s team went 6-0, while the women’s team went 4-2 in the competition.

The men’s team narrowly won their first two matches, defeating Brown and Boston College 15-12. All three weapons finished by scores of 6-3 against Brown, with foil and epee producing victories for the Judges. The Judges also won their foil and epee matches against Boston College by scores of 5-4 and 6-3 respectively. The men’s team moved on to crush their remaining opponents, beating Vassar 23-4, Dartmouth 22-5, Tufts 21-6 and the University of Florida 23-4.

Brandeis men’s foil dominated in the competition as the only weapon to go 6-0. Elishua Litle ’18 and Ian Quin ’20 led the foil squad with seven wins each, going 7-0 and 7-2 respectively. Alex Broszkowski ’21 also went 7-0 in foil action against club squads. Again the underclassmen showed up for the Judges, with Tristan Barca-Hall ’21, Sam Chestna ’20 and Trevor Filseth ’20 all going 6-0.

The men’s epee and saber squads delivered strong performances as well, both with a 4-2 record against their opponents at the Conference. Hunter Stusnick ’18 led the epee squad with a 8-3 finish on the day, while classmate Kyle Berney ’18 also went 8-3 in saber action. Garret Tordo ’21 contributed a 6-0 win Saturday in saber, as well.

For the women’s team, the Judges finished the night 4-2, losing to Brown and Boston College by scores of 17-10 apiece. However, the Judges defeated Dartmouth 18-9, Tufts 16-11, Vassar 19-8 and the University of Florida 20-7.

The women’s team also excelled in foil and epee, with each squad going 5-1. The foil squad managed a pair of 5-4 victories Saturday, while Renee Pite ’19 led the Judges with a 10-4 record. Joanne Carminucci ’19 and Jessica Gets ’20 each contributed eight wins in foil.

In epee action, the women’s team grabbed a pair of 9-0 wins, with their only loss of the day being a close 5-4. Dakota Levy ’20 led the epee squad with an 11-3 record, while Jamie Noh ’21 followed close behind with a 10-2 record that day. Liz Feller ’18 also delivered a strong performance in epee with an 8-1 victory, while competing in saber at the Northeast Fencing Conference. Feller took two 5-1 victories in saber against Dartmouth and the University of Florida. Laura Broffman ’18 dominated in the competition for saber, taking 11 wins and finishing the competition with a 4-2 record.

The women’s fencing team competed Tuesday against Wellesley College, 18-9, at home. The foil squad stepped it up for the Judges, winning 7-2. Carminucci and Gets each went 3-0 in foil. Brandeis also snatched a 6-3 victory over their opponent in epee. The underclassmen dominated for the epee squad, led by Levy, who went 2-0, while teammates Madeleine Vibert ’21 and Noh both finished 2-1. The final weapon of the night, saber, was not an easy victory for the Judges. Brandeis won three straight bouts in the latter part of the match to secure their victory. Feller won both of her matches after being pulled from the epee squad to fill the small saber squad. Broffman went 2-1 in saber as well for the Judges.

The men and women’s fencing team will host the Eric Sollee Invitational this weekend, which will include squads from Stevens Institute of Technology, Hunter College, Haverford College, New Jersey Institute of Technology and New York University. The Invitational will be held in Gosman Athletics center this Saturday at 9 a.m.

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