BTV offers up second helpings

While it may seem strange to hype up a second episode, BTV premiered its second installment of Slice and ‘Deis to a nearly-filled Golding Auditorium, allowing it to showcase its hard work. This episode entitled “New Textbooks” ran for about twenty-seven minutes, most of which was filled with witty dialogue, well crafted scenes, and some […]

Red and black all over

The Academy Awards, that world-renowned ceremony of iconic golden statuettes, turned 80 this year and I am sad to report that its age is starting to show, if not in the ceremony itself, then on the red carpet at least. I had high expectations for the red carpet arrivals, considering that some of the nominees […]

Black History Month

Thursday night’s Black History Month Closing Ceremony in the Napoli Trophy room in Gosman was not a typical closing affair. The evening started off with a dramatic recitation from Shaina Gilbert ’11, who spoke about a dream she had about her great, great grandmother traveling north to freedom. Gilbert powerfully belted out a few lines […]

And the Oscar goes to…

After all the nail-biting and hair-graying, February 24, 2008 served as the date for the 80th annual Academy Awards. It was an evening of glitz, glamour, and Jon Stewart. There were a few surprises, the least of which being Daniel Day Lewis’ Best Performing Actor victory. His speech was pre-meditated and eloquent, as could only […]

More than your average Western

“A Hell of a Place to Make Your Fortune” is the tagline for HBO’s three season mini-epic Western Deadwood. A show that totally encompasses history, drama, the west, the American Dream, and real friendship, Deadwood is one of those great television programs that structures itself around a basic story arc, complete with a predetermined beginning […]

An Odd Couple indeed

Alternative/neo-soul/funk/rapper/everything-er Cee-Lo and wonder-boy producer Danger Mouse are back at it again. Danger Mouse is the highly experimental, innovative and risky DJ from White Plains, New York. He is the mind behind such projects as The Grey Album (an amalgam of Jay-Z lyrics from The Black Album with sampled Beatles tracks from The White Album), […]

Quarterlife is dead on arrival

Gen Y has its own technology (the Ipod), its own networking strategy (Facebook) and now with the premiere of NBC’s new one-hour drama, Quarterlife, its own television show. Apparently the pilot episode failed to relate to its target audience, considering the poor ratings its Tuesday premiere received and its subsequent cancellation by NBC two days […]

When I listen

When I listen, I see a woman. I do not know her face, or her name, but she has brown hair, and pale white skin. I do not know where she is, but only that she is here, she comes to me with no context, no back ground, no reason. She wears a silky blue […]

The Band's Visit: A Welcomed Arrival

If you’ve been too afraid to approach that group of intellectuals that congregate outside your politics class, here’s a topic to catch their attention: foreign film. Ever a category to get the intellectuals going, foreign film has often been recognized as an acquired taste, something geared towards espresso-drinking, The New Yorker-reading yuppies and their middle-aged […]

A throw back to the hybrid music of Paul Simon

If we trace rock and roll music’s roots back far enough—through jump blues and boogie to blues and African shuffles—indie band Vampire Weekend appears doubly indebted to west-African pop. Not only does it inherit a three-century legacy of melding black and European influences into rock music, it pilfers directly from the source. Most scholars of […]

Israeli-Arab journalist offers views on MidEast conflict

In a talk sponsored by Students United for Israel and Hasbara Fellowships, Israeli-Arab journalist Khaled Abu Toameh offered up his perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the prospects for peace. Despite a downpour outside, Toameh enjoyed a nearly full audience in Rappaport Treasure Hall Tuesday evening. Before making his way to Brandeis this week, Toameh […]

Univeristy alum discusses new book on democracy

Ted Gup ’72 returned to his alma mater on Wednesday for a “Meet the Author” event, sponsored by the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism, to talk about his new book Nation of Secrets. Florence Graves, founding director of the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism, introduced Gup as “ a legendary investigative reporter” and said that […]

Students gather for 2nd firearms forum

The second Brandeis gun forum was held last night, after the Firearms Policy Advisory Committee had its first meeting last month. This committee, which is made up of students and staff, discusses the concerns dealing with the implementation of arming Brandeis campus safety officers. Three Brandeis undergraduate students, Matt Rogers ’08, Fanny Familia ’09, and […]

Men’s B-ball splits two in the Midwest

The Brandeis Men’s Basketball team saw its UAA title hopes built up like a castle made of sand; those hopes were dashed down into the sea over the weekend, capped by defeat at Chicago, 74-66. “We had some wide open shots,” Brandeis Head Coach Brian Meehan stated. “We had some difficulty with the officiating and […]

The sporting winds have changed once again

Only a couple of months ago things seemed to be ripe for Boston sports fans and sour for their rivals over in New York. I wrote a pair of articles chronicling the rise of Boston and the fall of New York, but as the end of February nears, I feel it is quite necessary to […]

Alford, Norton shine at NE

While most Brandeis community members went away for their February break, the Men’s and Women’s Track and Field teams competed twice. The squads first traveled to Cambridge in order to participate in the MIT invitational. Those who qualified for Division III New England Championships then competed last weekend at Smith College and Tufts University. Both […]

From the page to the stage: MusicUnitesUS with the Waltham community

“I bet you’ve never heard an Iraqi love song,” Yuval Ron of the Yuval Ron Ensemble, continued. The Iraqi musician then proceeded to play one for the kids during a MusicUnitesUs performance in the ‘05-‘06 season. It was through this experience that a group of young children’s eyes opened and ears stretched. Most young children […]

Ollie’s Eatery: A late night special

Food is not a joking matter when it comes to college students. We want good food at an affordable price and available at all hours of the day. While Sherman and USDAN have been the primary sources for food in the past years, the idea behind Ollie’s is that more choice can never be bad. […]

From Brandeis to Haiti: Widening the gap

Are you tired of sitting in class after class, listening to the professor lecture, and spend each day just writing chicken scratch notes in your beat up 3 ring binder? Then maybe a Community Engaged Learning class is for you. Although two of the three scheduled weekly class hours are more formal in terms of […]

Women’s Basketball falters on road trip

Brandeis Women’s Basketball approached last weekend’s road trip, fate firmly in its hands. That grip has been forcibly pried open and lopped off after the Judges were swept away on the road last weekend; they were beaten 62-55 by University of Chicago Maroons and shellacked by Washington University 74-56. The road losses put Brandeis’ postseason […]