Provost Krauss creates Rose Committee

University Provost Marty Krauss announced that she is establishing a new committee to “help chart the future” of the Rose Art Museum in an e-mail to the Brandeis community Tuesday. The committee, which will be an extension of the Faculty Senate’s Rose Committee, will be comprised of faculty, students, alumni, a member of the Rose […]

Union creates Admissions Task Force to improve outreach

In an effort to enhance connections between the Brandeis and the non-Brandeis world, the Student Union created the Admissions Task Force. The Task Force will be comprised of 7 to 9 active Brandeis students who will work to promote the various benefits of the school and expose the unknown treasures of campus life . Co-chair […]

Countdown to commencement: The not-so-bleak future

Photo gallery for the Career Fair. We’ve seen it in the cutbacks at school. We’ve seen it in the statistics on the number of people losing their jobs every week. The hurting economy is all around us, but we have not yet been subject to the full force of what President Obama has called “the […]

Brandeis Mock Trial Association appeals to the judges

After a season of unprecedented success, the Brandeis University Mock Trial Association will head to Easton, Pennsylvania next week to participate in an Opening Round Championship Site tournament. Finishing in the top six teams in Easton will allow the Brandeis team to compete in the National Championship Tournament in Iowa. Last year was the first […]

In with a win: Brandeis beats NYU, makes NCAA tournament

The season had begun with a very disappointing loss; it ended with a convincing victory on the road. Kevin Olson ’09 made five three pointers and cemented his status as the number one three point shooter in the NCAA as he helped the Judges overcome a shaky first half to stake the 63-44 win at […]

Womens Basketball team ends regular season play with a loss

The Brandeis women’s basketball team fell short against the New York University Violets in New York on Sunday in the last game of the regular season, ending their four game winning streak. In the end NYU outscored the Judges for a 62-49 UAA victory. With the loss Brandeis ended their season with a 17-7 record […]

Familiar territory but new playing field

This week the Brandeis women’s basketball team received an at-large berth in the NCAA Division III Tournament for the fourth year in a row. While this would have been exciting enough, they were also selected for the first time to host the first round of play, with Western Connecticut State University, Mount St. Mary’s College, […]

Keys to the game

At times, watching the Brandeis Judges is a lot like watching the Sally Field character, Sybill. You don’t know which team you’re going to see on any given day. Even Coach Meehan is unsure of what kind of team will be taking the court for him tonight and in this tournament run. “Well I scratch […]

A look at the Scranton Royals

With their fourth straight entrance into the NCAA’s, the Judges look to surpass last year’s high water mark of an elite appearance. Their first obstacle to that goal comes courtesy of Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania (and site of a certain fictional paper company) – the University of Scranton Royals. As assistant coach Eric McCoy described this […]

World premiere of “Runner” satisfies audiences by unsettling them

Photo gallery for “Runner, the Play”. Somewhere between the mind control pills and the underground adolescent hit squad I grew concerned. As I sat watching the world premiere of Cassie Seinuk’s ’09 “Runner” in the Laurie Theater on Monday night, I thought perhaps I’d stumbled into the wrong production. After all, the subtitle of this […]

Boatcar demo reveals Brandeis noise rock band with promise

The Brandeis music scene, such as it is, has plenty of members, but what differentiates boatcar, made up of Mike Riga ’09, Alex Fleming ’09, Dan Orkin ’10 and Mike Laderman ’11, is that they play instruments instead of singing a capella. The foursome has been together for about a year, and has just released […]

A forum of hope

The freedom to speak freely and share one’s ideas is a beautiful thing, something that I will always love about my home, America. Little could I have imagined what a few short articles could do, or how powerful a few words could be. Last summer, my assignment for Senator Kerry was to write an article […]

POEM: Sometimes you still see Marilyn Monroe at the beach

Marilyn, at the border of sun and sand a spits in the wind, unfurls her wig, the sting of salt still on her breath as she kneels – so poised – her cane in hand. It’s a blue day today – and tomorrow – and on for as long as the waves eat up the […]

You and your short attention span

So you’re at this posh party, surrounded by the future well-to-do’s of your generation. You mingle and partake in small talk with the swiftness of an experienced socialite. A few cheesy anecdotes are told, so you laugh. Some general opinions are expressed, so you follow along and nod in compliance. But then the unexpected happens. […]

Sci fi offers surprising insights on race

Months and months of wading through red ink, volleying e-mails, coordinating, coordinating, and coordinating came to fruition for the Mixed Heritage Club on Friday night, as their much-anticipated speaker, Eric Hamako, gave the talk, “Monsters, Messiahs, or Something Else?” a discussion of mixed race issues in sci-fi movies. Hamako, a doctoral student at the University […]

Ask the Queer Resource Center!

Do you have questions about gender, sexuality, diversity, or acceptance? Would you like anonymous advice from friendly peer counselors? Check out the Queer Resource Center, the educational branch of Triskelion, the Brandeis LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual/ally) group. We provide free, confidential peer counseling to people of all identities in Shapiro Campus […]