Greek Life expands on campus

Since its founding in 1948, Brandeis has undergone many changes. The university has grown, its programs have expanded and it has begun to accept widely diverse students into the ever-changing population. One of these changes is the noticeable rise in the presence of Greek life. While the founders of Brandeis opposed recognized Greek life, today, […]

Students organize 5K for charity

The Brandeis-run Waltham Alliance to Create Housing, a community development corporation, (WATCH-CDC) is hosting a five-kilometer run around Loop Road this Saturday to raise funds for its housing advocacy clinic. The 5k is designed to help support Waltham residents in need of emergency housing by providing them with grants in the hope that the money […]

‘Shades of Gray’ in-focus: a journalist’s notebook

Omoefe, Supreetha and I were sitting in the office of a senior administrator at Brandeis in order to interview him for this series. It just so happened that, between the three of us, we brought three different racial identities to the table: white, Indian and Nigerian-American. “How would you characterize Brandeis as a racially diverse […]

Shades of Grey in-focus: a journalist’s notebook

I didn’t realize race until this year. Though I had attended a Posse Plus Retreat focused on “Race After Obama” and roomed with my first “black” Nigerian roommate in a crowded single room, I didn’t fully understand the effects of race until the first week of our Race and Gender in the Media class when […]

Shades of Grey in-focus: a journalist’s notebook

It was Nov. 4, 2008 when I stood in the middle of Shapiro Campus Center surrounded by rambunctious cheering and excited chatter. My lungs breathed in air thick with anticipation, my heart palpitated with growing anxiety and, as if bracing myself from what was occurring, my arms were inextricably linked with my friends around me. […]

Senior takes the middle man out of online discovery

Brett Segall ’11 will be busy during the next few months. In addition to graduating with a double major in Economics and Business and a minor in Legal Studies, he plans to launch eMuze Connect, a web-based business that “places the entertainment industry online.” After realizing how many celebrities are discovered online, Founder and CEO […]

Students create teacher awards

At this point in the semester—as finals loom on the horizon—it is common for students to resent their professors for the work quickly piling up in front of them. Dana Schneider ’11 and Ilana Spector ’11 defied this pattern, however, and worked with the university to create Brandeis’ first-ever student-run teacher awards. Specter explained, in […]

MLB power rankings: Rockies reach the peak

It’s the semester finale! While a lot has changed during break, some things stay the same. The Rockies, Phillies, Yankees and Rangers, for instance, consolidated from the top six to the top four while teams like the Indians dropped with important division losses. All records are as of April 26. 1. Colorado Rockies (16-7): As […]

Collision course: Celtics vs. Heat

These two teams have been on a collision course since the “Big Three” of Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, or the “Big Two + Bosh” as I like to call them, teamed up this past July in Miami. When the three joined forces to form a super-team down in Miami, the so-called experts […]

Bowling for Soup returns to cast new lines

Fresh off studio time and a U.K. tour last year, Bowling for Soup (BFS) return this spring with an album of new material that makes me wonder if they will ever run out of topics to talk about. At home in the clever wordplay that Bowling for Soup seem to work with so easily, “Fishin’ […]

'Conspirator' hatches plot to underwhelm audience

Shortly after assassinating President Abraham Lincoln, actor-turned-assassin John Wilkes Booth jumped from the presidential balcony at Ford’s Theater, breaking a leg in the process. Nearly 150 years later, actor-turned-director Robert Redford’s “The Conspirator”—a dramatization of the events surrounding the trial of the lone female implicated in the murder—lands with a similar thud. In the aftermath […]

Arts festival opens with 'happening'

The Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts, held annually in the spring, is always the campus cultural highlight of the year, presenting the best of what the arts at Brandeis have to offer. This year’s festival adopts the theme that “art is all around.” As such, members of the Brandeis community who happened to […]

African dance enlivens campus center

With alien-like creatures littering the lawn of the Great Lawn, one can only imagine what is lurking inside. Thursday night, alongside intricate paintings, moving photos and a rainbow squiggly snake, the beat of the heartbeat of southern Ghana radiated through the Shapiro Campus Center atrium. It was here that the students of the class Ghana […]

A guide to the sounds of Springfest

May 1 marks the date for Springfest, an all-day outdoor music festival hosted by Student Events and WBRS, which is one of the most anticipated events of the year. This year’s festival will feature of Montreal and Far East Movement, as well as DOM and rapper Aziz, a current Brandeis first-year. “It used to be […]

BEAMS marathon brings electronic music to campus

The Leonard Bernstein Festival is once again upon us, and the campus is abuzz with creativity for this four-day celebration of the arts. Perhaps you’re excited for the BTC production of “Dog Sees God” or Boris’ Kitchen’s new “Armed & Legged” show. Maybe you just can’t wait for Springfest to start on Sunday. And maybe […]

The glutton: exploring the aisles of the C-Store

As gluttons, we know that the only thing we get out of studying is a huge appetite. The best way to study—or procrastinate—is by taking a trip to the P.O.D., colloquially known as the C-Store. The C-Store is our favorite place to go to get snacks we probably would never have heard of unless we […]

Stay healthy when school's out for the summer

As we dust off our shorts and dig out those flip-flops, a twinge of excitement and sadness rushes across the campus as we realize the semester is almost over and the summer is here. Before I continue, I just want to thank everyone who reads my health column and the feedback people send me; I […]

Here’s to the nights…

Take Back the Night was created more than 30 years ago as a vigil and march to protest sexual assault and the danger people often feel walking alone at night. As it grew in popularity, it became an annual part of college tradition, including at Brandeis. After gathering at Rabb steps, participants are given candles […]