Police still investigating Sept. robbery

Public Safety is still investigating the robbery that occurred on campus at approximately midnight on Sept. 25 in the men’s restroom by Levin Ballroom in Usdan. “The victim said an object was pressed against his back and money and other items were taken from his wallet,” read an e-mail sent to the Brandeis community, from […]

Brandeis takes Vegan challenge

Brandeis is once again in the running to be named Most Vegan-Friendly College Campus in a competition run by a group known as PETA2, the college student wing of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the nationally recognized animal rights group. In 2010, Brandeis won third place in the competition, losing only to Brown […]

Alumni association post vacant again

The Student Union will be holding yet another election for the post of representative to the Alumni Association this month, as the winner of the election last month has belatedly decided not to accept the position. Jenny Lau ’14 will not be assuming her role and a fresh election will be held Monday, Oct. 24. […]

Five contemporary horror movies to scream about

When people think of good horror movies—as opposed to the cliched schlock that is thrown at us so often—they think of such classics as 1991’s “The Silence of the Lambs” and 1973’s “The Exorcist,” a movie that will prevent me from sleeping if I think about it too close to bedtime. These days, most “horror” […]

Aramark resolves workers’ contract concerns

Dining service workers and Aramark have resolved the contract negotiations that dragged through the summer and into the new school year. According to Dana Simon, UNITE HERE union representative, the corporation’s final offer was generous and ceded to many of the workers’ demands. A few weeks ago, the negotiations slowed over health care conflicts with […]

Shepard leads research on hunger economics

The United States is not often thought of as a country suffering from hunger but, according to a recent report from the Center for American Progress and Brandeis professor Donald Shepard (HS), 48.8 million Americans live in households without an adequate supply of food. The new report extends and updates a study that was published […]

Upper Crust under immigration investigation

Upper Crust Pizzeria, which owns a location on Moody Street in Waltham, has come under federal scrutiny after allegations arose concerning the exploitation of its immigrant workers. According to the Boston Globe earlier this year, the Department of Labor began investigating the company again after it began to rescind the payments it was compelled to […]

Texting while driving still pervasive, despite ban

Massachusetts banned texting while driving last September; yet, law enforcement officials have struggled to enforce the new law during the past year, with police in the state issuing one texting citation for every 200 speeding tickets, The Boston Globe reported this week. The law banned cell phone usage while driving for drivers younger than 18 […]

Boris’ Kitchen shows more than the same ‘Old Shit’

Last Thursday night, hundreds of people gathered together in solidarity to celebrate Boris’ Kitchen’s “Old Shit Show.” (If only the Alumni Lounge could fit that many people!) People slowly trickled in, filling in the floor and the few chairs lining the room. The audience was comprised of students and parents, as well as former Boris’ […]

First Born’s ‘Evilution’ actually fit to survive

Two weeks ago, I read an article in The Hoot about raw metal band First Born and their most recent recording effort, “Evilution.” What I read not only irked but also frustrated me. Like many other students around campus, I found the First Born album sitting in stacks on the benches in the student center—most […]

Healthy choices from the Cafe Ridgewood cookbook

The ambient scent of Bubbi Ethel’s house permeates the building of Ridgewood A on a daily basis, as my suite has begun a baking crusade this semester. It began simply enough with chocolate-chip cookies, a reasonably addictive treat that can be easily consumed every night. We only noticed our baking spiraling quickly out of control […]

‘(500) Days’ and ‘Pretty Woman’ feature quirky femmes

We are in the midst of midterms. There is always work that should be done or work that should have been done already looming overhead. Although this stresses me out as much as it does anyone else, I find that this is the optimal time to watch movies non-stop. And that is what I’ve been […]

‘Law & Order: SVU’ finds stability without Stabler

I am an admitted “Law & Order” junkie. I enjoy all of the franchise’s incarnations and will flip through the television channels, trying to find an episode—any episode—of “Law & Order.” I am usually not disappointed. Many channels air “Law & Order” at numerous times throughout the day. My most difficult 7 p.m. decision is […]

Arts Recommends 10/14/11

Film: ‘Soul Kitchen’ by Fatih Akin “Soul Kitchen” is everything you’d want a foreign movie to be: nonsensical, hilarious and full of unwelcome, random nudity. “Soul Kitchen,” a German film released in 2009, centers around Zinos (Adam Bousdoukos), a man who owns a restaurant that’s struggling to stay afloat. This, coupled with the fact his […]

With a waggle of the hips, Matt Nathanson charms

Matt Nathanson—born March 28, 1973 (which makes him 38 and unfortunately too old for me)—is an American singer-songwriter who has toured with Sugarland, Train and currently Vanessa Carlton. He is San Francisco-based and has built up a pretty avid following during his years and years of touring. His songs have been played on hit television […]

Judges fall to Case Western in second UAA match

Case Western Reserve defeated the visiting Judges 2-0 this past Sunday behind a pair of goals from senior Vinny Bell. The two goals made Bell the all-time scoring leader in the history of Case Western. With the win, the Case Western Spartans improved to 9-3 (1-1 UAA) while the Brandeis Judges fell to 7-3-1 (0-1-1 […]

Heartbreaker defeat to CWR after victory at Babson

Three days after defeating the seventh-ranked team in New England, the Brandeis women’s soccer team lost in a sad turn of events on Sunday, falling to 5-7. Last Thursday, the Judges defeated Babson College 2-1 in a hard-fought match in which Brandeis scored two first-half goals but, on Sunday, the Judges lost 1-0 on an […]

In Memoriam: Influential former athletic director passes away

Nick Rodis, former director of athletics at Brandeis University, died at Newton-Wellesley Hospital on Oct. 7, leaving behind not only a devoted family, but many Brandeisians who were influenced by Rodis as well. He was 87. Born in 1924, Rodis attended Nashua High School, where he is now remembered in its Hall of Fame. He […]

Al Davis: a legacy beyond football

Throughout his illustrious NFL career, Al Davis gained a reputation as a renegade owner. The face of the Oakland Raiders for the past 50 years, he was best known for coining the term: “Just win, baby.” He died Oct. 8; he was 82. Immediately following his death, the Raiders released a statement, which read: “The […]

YMA Fashion Scholarship at Brandeis: my internship at Ross Stores

Last year, as a senior, I applied for the newly announced YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund (FSF) at Brandeis. The YMA FSF’s mission is to recruit and cultivate the best students so they become the next generation of leaders in the fashion industry. Not only did I win a $5,000 scholarship but, most importantly, I made […]