Senior theses a major undertaking

Justy Kosek ’14 stands stock-still in a tuxedo stained with blood. The theater and creative writing major is busy this semester perfecting his senior thesis, starring in a play he wrote titled “All You Need.” Kosek plays the title character David, who walks into his bedroom on prom night with blood-spattered clothing. “It’s about family […]

Health center adds nutritionist position

Carolyn Butterworth, MSRDRN (Master of Science, Registered Dietitian and Registered Nurse), was recently added to Brandeis University’s Health Center staff. She has worked in a college setting for the past 17 years and is also employed at Wellesley College and Massachusetts General Hospital in the gastrointestinal (GI) clinic. “I like working with this [collegiate] age […]

’DEIS Impact to celebrate social justice next week

The third annual ’DEIS Impact will begin on Friday, Jan. 31 at 1 p.m. in the Shapiro Campus Center Atrium. ’DEIS Impact is a weeklong festival of social justice that celebrates one of the university’s four founding pillars. It is put together through a collaboration between the Student Union and the International Center for Ethics, […]

‘Sherlock’ premiere exciting but unsatisfying

Sherlock is so brilliant that the Sherlock fanbase was screaming for more seconds after the British show’s third season finale, which ended on a mind-blowing cliff hanger. It is so unfair that we had to wait an entire year only to watch such a mind-altering ending. Each season is only three episodes long, which helps […]

Senior film major isn’t hedging any bets yet

Sam Bender ’14 knew from the get-go that he was going to be a film major. Hoping that he wouldn’t start to hate watching movies, he came to Brandeis for the unity that the community fosters in the program, rather than competition as seen at other schools. “Film is such a collaborative art. You can’t […]

Ice Cube lowers standards for ‘Ride Along’

Ice Cube is timeless. Not in the way that his music has endured decades, though that may be true given his honest and angry portrayal of growing up African American in America in many of his rap songs. But truly, Ice Cube is timeless in the way that he does not seem to age. While […]

‘Peeping Tom’ a consistent problem in East

This Monday, students in East Quad reported a male individual looking into women’s shower stalls, the third incident of this academic year following two reports in Dec. 2013. The students were informed of the incident by East Quad Community Development Coordinator Stephanie Crane via email. Brandeis Director of Public Safety Edward Callahan sent an email […]

Campus event spotlights Russian culture and xenophobia

On Tuesday night, LGBT activist and journalist Masha Gessen and Smith College Russian history professor Sergey Glebov led a discussion about xenophobia, a trend that currently dominates society in Russia. Brandeis Russian studies professor and director Irina Dubinina moderated the conversation, which consisted of three segments. Glebov first spoke about various historical and sociological aspects […]

Community fights back against NYU expansion

When a college’s academics and financials are working well, they will likely want to expand to attract more students and make more money. Expanding and renovating a campus can be difficult and can infringe on populations outside of the school and bother students and faculty. Fellow University Athletic Association member, New York University finds itself […]

Young the Giant delivers new sound

Young the Giant, an indie rock band from Irvine, California, gained popularity in 2011 when their first self-titled album hit stores and songs including “Cough Syrup” and “My Body” topped the charts. This album maintained a soft and infectious indie-pop style that wasn’t too crazy or too tame—it felt just right, like a favorite pair […]

Switchfoot dares themselves to move musically

Switchfoot, the American alternative rock band, released their new album, “Fading West,” on Jan. 14. The music in this album has a laid-back but uplifting feel that really relaxes you, as though you are on a beach or surfing. This plays to the name of the band, Switchfoot, which is a surfing term meaning to […]

Brandeis choral groups celebrate Mozart’s birthday

Even if you don’t listen to classical music, you’ve probably heard of Mozart, who is widely considered one of the most prolific and influential musical composers of all time. Mozart’s music is generally very refined and transparent. As he is from the Classical era, Mozart prescribed the exact pitch, speed, meter, rhythms and musicality on […]

Artist displays her ‘Blood Memory’

The presence of collective memory finds a tangible place in artist Lisa Rosowsky’s latest collection. Currently featured in the Kniznick Gallery of the Women’s Studies Research Center, Rosowsky’s exhibit, “Blood Memory,” offers a narrative on her experiences as a “second generation” member of the Holocaust. Exploring memorial and lost family, “Blood Memory” not only highlights […]

From Brandeisians to art vendors

It was Friday at 2 p.m., and the SCC was packed with students. Why, you might ask? Did Einstein’s decide to give out free bagels? Was the bookstore giving 50 percent off all text books? As amazing as all of that would be, something much more exciting filled the normally empty atrium of our beloved […]

Close weekend games; women defeat #7 Emory

The women’s and men’s basketball teams each had a pair of games on this “Hoopcoming” and Alumni Family Weekend. Both squads played the University of Rochester on Friday and Emory University on Sunday. The women’s basketball team won both games this weekend. They ended with a hard fought battle against seventh-ranked Emory University at home […]