Administration should keep open dialogue with students

When was the last time you high fived an administrator? For me it was yesterday. I walked out of the SCC and saw President Lawrence going past. I jogged over, held out my hand for a high five (because why not?) and he awkwardly grabbed it exclaiming, “Good to see you!” Good to see me. […]

Administrators should stay reserved on social media

Ever since we became friends with Tom, or perhaps since Mark Zuckerberg screwed his friends out of millions of dollars, or we got our first retweet, social media and networks have been a major part of our lives. And it goes beyond the connections we make and keep between friends old and new, as every […]

Farmer’s Club inspired to open garden on top of Gerstenzang

Officially chartered on March 1, the Farmer’s Club is one of Brandeis’ newest student organizations. Inspired by Professor Laura Goldin’s (AMST/ENVS/HSSP) class Greening the Ivory Tower: Improving Environmental Sustainability of Brandeis and Community, the club is the result of two group projects which explored the benefits of having a “green roof” and farmers’ markets. According […]

Earl Sweatshirt releases surprise album

Earl Sweatshirt surprised fans by releasing an album last week titled “I Don’t Like Sh*t, I Don’t Go Outside.” Sweatshirt’s new album has a low-energy feel with dense lyrics and dark beats. This album speaks to his older style and reflects the classic Sweatshirt that his tried and true fans have come to expect. Sweatshirt […]