Surviving Sodexo: Deconstructed pesto

How to survive Sodexo? Get food from the farmer’s market! This week’s dish requires an ingredient that you can’t find within the walls of Usdan or down the stairs of Sherman—basil, a Farmers’ Club delicacy. The dish below, titled Deconstructed Pesto Pasta by creators Stephanie Strifert ’18 and Yael Matlow ’18, contains all the delicious […]

Brandeis works toward completion of renovations

The Brandeis campus underwent quite a few changes over the summer. In an email to the Brandeis community on Aug. 31, Vice President of Operations Jim Gray outlined the changes that took place. The university renovated Sherman Dining Hall, with expanded seating. For more information, see the article in The Brandeis Hoot’s Features section. Gray […]

Policies remain the same at PCC

In a sign of dedication to student mental health, the Brandeis Psychological Counseling Center (PCC) will continue to provide every student with 12 free individual therapy sessions, as well as over 20 group therapy options, an increase from the 12 group therapy options available last year.          The student demand for counseling at the PCC […]

Once again, campus upgrades fall short of expectations

Over the summer, Brandeis’ campus was filled with construction crews renovating and updating many different buildings. Some updates were long overdue, such as the relocation of arts facilities from Prospect Street to the Epstein building on campus. The Prospect Street studios were dusty, run-down and over a mile from campus. Two years ago, The Brandeis […]

A cappella groups welcome auditions as part of their next chapter

With the arrival of Brandeis’ activities fair comes the generalized excitement and optimism that accompanies a new year. First-years who were very active in their high school clubs hope to continue that same level of involvement in college, oftentimes to an even higher degree, and thus sign up to practically every listserv out there. Even […]

Women’s soccer makes epic comeback

The 25th-ranked Brandeis women’s soccer team faced MIT away on Tuesday, Sept. 1 and crushed their opponent, 4-1, in the season opener. MIT handed the Judges their only non-conference defeat of the regular season last year with a 1-0 loss, so the Judges were eager to prove themselves against the Engineers. The Judges played strong […]

Crowding leaves students in a tight spot

As I waited for my professor to enter the room and begin today’s lesson in Shiffman, I came to the realization that the rows between desks were too narrow. Indeed, the classroom measured perhaps 20 by 20 feet, and yet there were more than 40 desks packed into this small space. The number of seats […]

High on Fire smash expectations on new album

High on Fire is a unique band, particularly for the metal scene, in that they have released seven albums over the years, and somehow managed to make each better than the last. Evolving from always-shirtless singer/guitarist Matt Pike’s stoner rock background and influences ranging from Slayer to H.P. Lovecraft, the Oakland, California trio keeps improving. […]

First-years impress during marathon day

The Brandeis women’s volleyball team took on their first opponents of the season Tuesday. The Judges took on Babson and Colby-Sawyer College at Colby-Sawyer. The Judges split the games, losing to Babson, 3-0 and beating Colby-Sawyer College, 3-2, in an extensive two-hour match. The double header starts the Judges off with 1-1 record on their […]

Brandeis invites new interim head of sociology

This fall semester, Brandeis named distinguished professor and researcher Dr. Peter Conrad the interim head of the sociology department. In the department’s efforts to secure a permanent department head, Conrad has gladly agreed to fill this interval position. His nine prior years of experience as head of the department in the 1990s, as well as […]

Add BranVans for efficiencient routes and use

The Escort Safety Service, colloquially known as BranVan, is a campus staple, shuttling students around Brandeis’ campus for 16 hours a day: from the crack of dawn to the early hours of the morning. Its operation is essential to the day-to-day life of many students, some of whom live too far to walk to class. […]

Men’s soccer starts with a win

Tuesday evening, Sept. 1 was the perfect way to open the men’s soccer season at home on Gordon Field. The Judges started the season with a 1-0 victory over Bridgewater State. The weather was beautiful, warranting a large crowd for the pre-game tailgate with chips, popcorn and free Jury shirts, which marked the last event […]

Students take summer trip to Al-Quds University

This summer, three Brandeis students, Hannah Kober ’16, Risa Dunbar ’17 and Leah Susman ’18, along with Brandeis Professor Bernadette Brooten (NEJS) visited Al-Quds University. Brandeis maintained a partnership with Al-Quds University until November 2013 when a rally on the Al-Quds campus led former President Frederick Lawrence to suspend the partnership. The Brandeis University/Al-Quds University […]

New Rose exhibits reminder of campus hidden gem

The Rose Art Museum is Brandeis’ equivalent of Narnia’s wardrobe. It is a largely unappreciated resource, known as little more than a building on one half of campus as the wardrobe was considered little more than a convenient piece of furniture to hang coats. Only the truly curious would venture to look inside the wardrobe […]

New Sherman, a spread of perspectives

Of all the buildings on campus, the dining halls might be among the most used by the student body. Over the summer, the Sherman Dining Hall received a complete renovation. Part of the renovation involved both redecorating as well as reconfiguring the floor plan for a more efficient use of space. Additionally, Sherman is still […]

Two ideologies, one Ziv

Of all the suitemates at Brandeis, Mark Gimelstein ’17 and Brian Hough ’17 are arguably two of the most ironic to be found. Why is this? Gimelstein is the vice president of the Brandeis Conservatives, and Hough is the vice president of the College Democrats of Massachusetts. Hailing from New Hyde Park, NY, Gimelstein finds […]

Creative clubs recruit at club fair

Clubs at Brandeis with an artistic bend got the opportunity to introduce themselves to first-years at the activities fair on Sunday, Aug. 30. One of the campus’ newest literary publication, Jaded, was in attendance. The literary magazine’s goal is to spark activism on campus, particularly concerning issues of cultural assimilation and immigration. The first issue […]

Loss of Castle can push forth new residence halls

In two separate emails welcoming students back to campus from both Interim President Lisa Lynch and Director of Operations Jim Gray, the inevitable is mentioned. They don’t shy away from saying how Usen Castle has reached a point in its life where it is “showing its age” and we have “reached a point where maintaining […]

Don’t touch the third rail

It’s the third rail of politics. Touch it and you die. If you aren’t familiar with this reference, its about Social Security. Before any discussion of Social Security is initiated, the context of its creation should be considered. Passed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1935 as part of the New Deal, Social Security was […]

Senior adapts and modernizes ‘Macbeth’ for thesis

What comes to mind when you think of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”? The heated battle between countries? The deadly greed that accompanies kingship and power? Frightful hallucinations of a slaughtered companion? Or even the uncanny ability to foresee one’s fate? While all of these are iconic aspects of the play, there is much more to this production […]