Love Your Body Day, each and every day

Body positivity can be difficult to maintain in today’s media-saturated society. From television shows to advertisements, the standards of a “perfect” body are promoted to no end, especially for women. With this harmful mindset, it can become hard to remember that identity is more than skin-deep. In response to this flaw in society springs Love […]

Weather doesn’t deter spirit of Farmers’ Market

On Friday, Oct. 2, The Brandeis Farmers Club held a big farmers’ market event, which was a huge success last semester. Even though there were vendors selling produce, the weather created a huge problem for the event: many students stayed indoors the whole day to escape the cold and dreary rain. The vendors present included […]

Anthropology course digs up knowledge in Concord

Every Friday, 15 students and two professors drive out to Concord and unearth remnants of what is rumored to be a bunker of prisoners of war from World War II that traces to colonial time. Taught by Travis Parna (ANTH) and Andrew Koh (CLAS), Archaeological Methods involves attending lectures as well as going to an […]

Creative Writing dept. hosts bestselling author Donald Antrim

To properly jumpstart this year’s School of Night reading series, the Creative Writing Department invited bestselling author Donald Antrim to read his most recent publication, “The Emerald Light in the Air Stories.” Intended to introduce students, especially creative writing and English majors, to the work of a multitude of exceptional writers, past guests have included […]

Cello and piano duo resurrect classical masterpieces

In the Slosberg Music Center this past Saturday, Oct. 3 the music was electrifying and resurrected long-gone composers such as Ludwig van Beethoven and César Franck. It also invoked Louis Gordon’s work, the only of the three composers whose work was presented that night and remains alive. During Brandeis’ concert series, Primary Motivations, these three […]

Harvard Professor Susan Greenhalgh speaks on stigma of fat

Susan Greenhalgh, a professor at Harvard University, shared her views on the cultural and personal effects of what she calls “fat-talk,” the obsession with being skinny and the prevalence of “fat-shaming” in America. Through her book, “Fat-Talk Nation: The Hidden Costs of America’s War on Fat,” published this spring, Greenhalgh starts a new conversation about […]

Students Could Benefit From a Good Smile and Cathartic Cuss

As midterm season begins, I can feel a wave of fatigue and melancholy wash over campus. I see people moping around between classes, exhausted after getting little to no sleep because they had to finish an essay or study for an exam. Students come out of classrooms with a disheartened attitude over their latest grade […]