Gender and Sexuality Center celebrates with grand opening

In the lobby of the newly-opened Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC), adorned with rainbow ribbons and filled with people wearing buttons stating their pronouns, students and community members gathered for the center’s grand opening on Wednesday, Oct.15. The ceremony celebrated the one-year anniversary of the center’s founding and fell during National Coming Out Week. The […]

Flag Rearranger speaks out on their 9/11 protest

There are a number of misconceptions I’d like to clear up right off the bat. First of all, there was not a group of “unidentified people” who rearranged the flags of the 9/11 display. Neither was the act done covertly. There was one person: it was me. People stopped to ask what I was doing […]

Work-study system unfair to students

The Brandeis information page regarding work study makes it abundantly clear that an on-campus job is not guaranteed. These statements are phrased to present obtaining a job as something that a student need only show initiative and effort for. It paints students into two categories: those who deserve a job by merit and those who […]

Virtual Reality Club pushes technological boundaries

When the phrase virtual reality comes to mind, we may think of advanced video games or very complex data visualizations. Despite these misconceptions, Brandeis has introduced a new club to educate the community on this topic: the Brandeis Virtual Reality Club. Club founder and president Mike Makevic ’17 explained his curiosity in this arcane topic. […]

Division III athletes deserve respect

One of the main elements we sacrifice when choosing to go to a Division III school is the excitement surrounding that huge game. However, just because Brandeis is Division III does not mean our athletes are somehow less capable than Division I athletes. In fact, Division III athletes aim for a well-rounded college experience, in […]

Letter to the Editor: Abolish Columbus Day

At a progressive liberal arts school with its claims of social justice and commitment to do good in the world, I think many of us understand why Christopher Columbus, mass murderer, rapist, thief and general symbol for colonization, is not exactly the sort of guy worth honoring with a national holiday. It’s important to delegitimize […]

Cross Country puts up commendable performance

The men and women’s cross country team took part in the 2015 Open New England Championships this past weekend at Franklin Park in Boston. The women’s cross country team, ranked 22 in Division III by the USTFCCCA, delivered one of their best performances in years finishing 17th overall and third of the Division III teams […]