Reject campus culture that puts stress on a pedestal

With the midterm period coming to a close, it is apparent that many students study everything except the one topic that would most benefit them during this demanding time: stress management. Amid the 2 a.m. study sessions, countless cups of coffee and stacks of flashcards, stress management needs to be of greater focus. A dire […]

‘Songs for a New World’ explores the human experience through the ages

Blue mountains gently peaked in the stage’s backdrop, a bunch of see-through liners outlined in a blue pastel that allowed the audience to see a silhouette of the orchestra behind. A sun in a mosaic style was nestled in the sky, periodically carried up and down by a pulley, to mark the passage of time. […]

Professor Art’s political tenure

Professor Robert Art (POL) came to Brandeis in 1967, immediately after attending graduate school at Harvard. This was because, as Art said, “The Vietnam War was on at that time, and if you didn’t teach, you would’ve been drafted.” He chose Brandeis because he wanted to stay in the Boston area and be at a […]

Survey will gauge student satisfaction with campus operations

To fill out a survey announced in an email from Jim Gray, vice president for operations, students must consider how satisfied they are with sustainability efforts, building maintenance, campus safety and management of construction projects. “We take great pride in our work and we strive to provide excellent service, but we truly can’t know how […]

Students wear bald caps to raise awareness in second-annual cancer fundraiser

Brandeis hosted its second Be Bold, Be Bald cancer fundraiser on Friday, Oct. 16. Be Bold, Be Bald is the main fall semester fundraiser for cancer, which complements the Relay for Life fundraiser in the spring. Last year, Brandeis’ Be Bold, Be Bald pilot program raised about $4,000. This year, Be Bold, Be Bald raised […]

Community members should take greater role in campus renewal projects

In an email dated Aug. 31, Vice President for Campus Operations Jim Gray briefly mentioned improvements to the Mandel Humanities Quad as part of a five-year refreshing plan. He mentioned the implementation of new fire-safety and window systems in Rabb and Golding, but did not go into detail on what else will be updated in […]

Brandeis prof. and undergraduates discover secrets of the universe

Professor David Roberts (PHYS) and two undergraduate students found that pairs of supermassive black holes at the centers of X-shaped galaxies are significantly rarer than previously estimated—a discovery that has large implications for further research of the universe. The concept for the project was introduced to Roberts by colleagues and collaborators Lakshmi Saripalli and Ravi […]

UWS necessary, but imperfect

As the time to choose classes approaches, the topic of the dreaded, first-year required, UWS is becoming at least semi-relevant again. Despite—or perhaps because of—the complaining, annoyance and general disdain expressed by most about the program, I have decided to offer a slightly different perspective. If only for the sake of playing devil’s advocate, I […]

Boris’ Kitchen annual Old Shit Show remembers 25 years of sketches

Some of you may recall a massive line of students waiting along the staircase of the SCC this past Friday night, Oct. 16—or you were standing in it. That line was the eager audience waiting to get into Boris’ Kitchen’s free annual Old Shit Show, featuring 14 sketches that had all been previously written and […]

‘The Martian’ fails to compel despite visual beauty

Ridley Scott’s “The Martian” is undoubtedly his best film in years, a return to form to the simple and stylish science fiction that made him famous in the seventies and eighties. Though most of the film takes place on computer-generated landscapes, they are beautiful in their composition. Drew Goddard’s screenplay brings a lot of great […]