Mountain club connects students to the outdoors

Brandeis students often tend to lead busy lives; they go to class, eat in the dining hall and go to the library to study. For many, most of the day is spent indoors, away from the bucolic greenery of our campus and suburban Massachusetts. One club striving to get people outside and away from this […]

Prof. Woll reflects on Brandeis’ changing political landscape

Politics professor Peter Woll has been teaching at Brandeis since the 1964. He has witnessed the reactions of Brandeis students to historical events such as the Vietnam War, the Reagan era and the War on Terror. Throughout his years of teaching, Woll has written several books on American politics, including “American Government Readings and Cases […]

Purple Party attempts to unite younger voters

Who expects to run for president in the future? Deval Patrick? Elizabeth Warren? They’re mum on the subject; however Shaquan McDowell ’18 is forthright in stating that his hope is to run for president one day. McDowell is the co-founder and president of the Purple Party, which is an independent youth organization that promotes unity […]

BET’s ‘Quickies’ wow with student written plays

While full-length plays and performances require the most time, effort, staff and material, there is still much to be said for the shorter works of theater as their production may be just as well-liked and entertaining for the audience. The true brilliance of short plays was demonstrated Sunday, Jan. 31 with the collection of 10-minute […]

“Drunk Enough” intoxicates audiences with allegory

Brandeis’ latest theater performance “Drunk Enough to Say I Love You?” comes by way of the Artists’ Theater of Boston, a company dedicated to increasing knowledge of systematic injustices through artful collaboration. Written by Caryl Churchill, who is well-known for her work in postmodernist theater and plays such as “Cloud 9” and “Top Girls,” this […]

Students should pay attention to rushed housing proposals

The Department of Community Living and the Student Union released two proposals today regarding changes to the housing lottery, as The Brandeis Hoot reported in a news article this week. Though The Hoot editorial board recognizes that it is time to make changes to the system, we are unsure whether these proposals adequately address student […]

‘DEIS Impact panelists discuss the importance of social justice

In a collaboration between the Brandeis Undergraduate Student Union and the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life, ’DEIS Impact presented its fifth annual “Festival of Social Justice.” It runs from Jan. 28 to Feb. 7, with a collection of all sort of events, workshops, etc. that explore social justice not only on campus, […]

Students asked to provide feedback on housing lottery

The Department of Community Living (DCL) and the Student Union are asking students to provide input on two possible changes to the housing lottery. The two proposals are separate. The first, which removes class distinctions from some dorms, would take effect for the housing selection process beginning next month. The second, which creates incentives for […]

Empowering Youth Through Business and Education: The Story of More Than Words

The nonprofit organization More Than Words came to Brandeis on Monday to give a presentation titled “Empowering Youth Through Business and Education: The Story of More Than Words.” With locations in Waltham and Boston, More Than Words is an organization that empowers youth to take charge of their lives by teaching them the skills they […]

Step Inside My Head

For one night, the Alumni Lounge of Usdan became a safe space for discussions about mental health. The event, titled “Step Inside My Head,” was part of the ’DEIS Impact weeklong festival for social justice. Beginning at 5 p.m. on Tuesday night, the event, hosted by Active Minds, invited Brandeis students to share their personal […]

Reclaiming Narrative through African Diasporic Cuisine

About 40 students and guests enjoyed different types of food such as cornbread, macaroni and cheese and creamed corn, while discussing the role of food in African culture at the ’DEIS Impact event, “Reclaiming Narrative through African Diasporic Cuisine” last Monday, Feb 1. The event was held in the Mandel Center Atrium. The focus of […]

Five indecent exposure incidents reported near campus

There have been five reported incidents of indecent exposure off-campus since mid-November. All of the incidents occurred between approximately 10 and 10:30 p.m. and involved a man exposing himself to one or more students. The locations of the incidents vary, but South Street is a common factor. Some of the locations included South Street near […]

Panelists discuss their experience exposing FBI surveillance during Vietnam War

On March 8, 1971, eight people broke into an FBI office in Media, PA and stole over 1,000 documents that exposed FBI surveillance activity and leaked them to newspapers and congressman. The Washington Post printed the incriminating documents, helping to bring about the end of the career of then FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. Two […]

Theft reported in multiple campus locations

A spate of recent thefts have occurred in multiple parts of campus, according to the Brandeis University Police Department logs. The various locations reported include the Usdan Student Center, Village A, Shapiro Campus Center (SCC), Gosman Sports Complex and the Goldfarb Library, and items stolen include laptops, wallets, currency and debit cards. The thefts have […]

’DEIS Impact keynote speaker addresses inequality and the law

Germaine Ingram, keynote speaker of ’DEIS Impact’s weeklong Festival of Social Justice, gave her keynote address “The Law and the Stage: Platforms for Pursuing Social Justice” this Wednesday. Director of TriO Student Support Services Program Jennifer Morazes, Interim President of Brandeis University Lisa Lynch and President of the Undergraduate Student Union Nyah Macklin ’16 all […]

Up-and-coming artist releases latest album ‘Malibu’

Anderson Paak might not be a familiar name to most, but the release last month of his new album, “Malibu,” has surely piqued interest in the music crowd. Paak emerged to fame most prominently with the release of “Compton” by Dr. Dre, in which Anderson Paak is featured in six out of 16 tracks. Now […]

Offer feta cheese at campus dining locations

Dining hall food is notoriously bad, and Brandeis is no exception to this rule. We’ve written about it and protested about it, and yet it seems the quality of the food never improved. Plates are still often dirty, requiring diners to pick up several different ones before they find something clean. There are still days […]

Univ. and students must do more to make campus more sustainable

From the first moment I stepped on Brandeis’ campus, I had the feeling that it was the place I wanted to study; the part that sold me the most, however, was the heart shaped pond wedged between the three chapels, each of which will never cast a shadow on the other. Brandeis seemed to be […]

Studying in residence halls can be marred with distraction

It’s the year 2016, and with the start of a new year comes opportunities to make Brandeis a better place for its students. I’ve been hearing a few suggestions from the students around Brandeis, and I think that it would be a good idea to list them out in this article. For starters, let’s talk […]