Shimmy and sway with Salsa club

Each Tuesday evening in the SCC Multipurpose room, students drop their backpacks, shed their coats, kick off their shoes and join in on salsa warm ups. Some learn new steps while others build upon the instructor’s directions with hand motions or extra flare. Each releases an infectious grin as they master the instructions, with the […]

Kanye West grasps at straws with “The Life of Pablo”

“The Life of Pablo” by Kanye West was released as West’s seventh studio album on Feb. 14. The album itself fights cohesion wherever possible, reflecting West’s confused creative process. Angry Kanye, Publicity Stunt Kanye, “Sweet” Kanye and even the elusive Emotionally Intimate Kanye are constantly fighting for creative control. This struggle the artist faces to […]

New residence hall needs Brandeis flair

The Brandeis administration has always looked for feedback from students in their effort to appear transparent. Whether it’s a town hall meeting or lunch with President Lynch or a survey sent out about redesigns to the website, there have been multiple opportunities for the greater community to make their voices heard. Hopefully this policy doesn’t […]

DCL housing proposals fail to address lowered capacity

On Feb. 9, the Department of Community Living released a poll gauging student opinion on their new room selection proposals. Both proposals seek to solve problems stemming from the current housing lottery system, but at the same time fail to take into account the changes that will be taking place on campus between 2017 and […]

Does Brandeis do enough for mental health?

The state of mental health care on Brandeis’ campus is better than at most other schools. Unfortunately, though, most schools do not do reach the minimum threshold to be declared adequate. Many Brandeis students are unable to answer very simple questions about the mental health resources we have on campus: What does the “PCC” stand […]

Professors: encourage female students to speak up more in class

In one of my politics classes (which will remain unnamed), men speak up far more frequently than women. In an informal tally recording how often men and women spoke in class, about eight male students spoke up per every one female student. This is in a 40-student, gender balanced classroom led by a female professor. […]