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A letter of support to campus dining workers

Dear Dining Workers of Unite Here Local 26 at Brandeis,

We, the students of Brandeis University, so often running between midterms and exams, do not take enough time to appreciate all the work that goes into providing for our education. While we openly recognize and appreciate the work done by faculty and professors, none of it would be possible without food and sustenance to keep us energized and focused throughout the day. That’s why we’d like to take this opportunity to say how grateful we are for all that you do to feed us and the broader Brandeis community. We understand that the job is difficult, and we appreciate the dedication and care you bring to it.

For instance, as students, many of us living on campus or close by, have days off due to severe weather. On those days you come to work, even when it means spending less time with your family and driving in dangerous conditions. We greatly appreciate that.

We know that you are hoping to win even better working standards as the contract between your union Local 26 and Sodexo expires this June. A new contract would ensure that you continue to have living wages and top-tier healthcare that allows you to support your family. We know that as strong as your contract currently is, you deserve more and are hoping to secure even better working conditions, wages, and healthcare. As students of an institution founded on social justice, we recognize that a stronger contract for dining workers is a concrete step in improving the class and race divisions within our community.

We will do everything in our power to support you in retaining the benefits you currently have and in improving your working conditions. We will stand by you throughout the process and hope that the upcoming contract re-negotiations are respectful, fair, and timely. We will have your back because you have always had ours!

In Solidarity,

Brandeis Labor Coalition
Brandeis Climate Justice
Brandeis Democrats
Brandeis Immigration Education Initiative
Brandeis Students for Justice in Palestine
Amnesty International at Brandeis
Students for Education Reform
Brandeis Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance
Queer Policy Alliance

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