Men’s tennis takes two

This past Saturday, March 26, 28th-ranked Brandeis University men’s tennis team took on the United States Coast Guard Academy, winning 8-1. The win improved the Judges’ record to 4-3 this season. The Judges swept their opponent in doubles action. Eric Goldberg ’18 and Zach Cihlar ’19 opened play with an 8-2 win at number three, […]

Liquid latex wows with Batman, Spice Girls and Mario Kart

Beware! The lights are out and not only one, but four villains plagued Gotham. The only way to overthrow the city once again? Batman, a battle of latex and dancing—all of it took place at “The 16th Annual Liquid Latex Show: Peace, Love and Latex” on March 21. The event, which had two acts, first […]

Heller School ranked top 50 grad school for social policy and public affairs

U.S. News & World Report ranked the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis among the top graduate programs in the country for public affairs and social policy. The masters of public affairs program is now ranked at number 45 (tied with 10 other schools) and the social policy program is ranked at […]

Chase’s senior thesis truly plays

The text of “Rivkala’s Ring,” Spalding Gray’s monologue adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s short story “The Witch,” reads more like a narrative than a piece of theatre. Indeed, in her director’s note, Caley Chase ’16 acknowledges that part of the rehearsal process was “explor[ing] what makes this story a play.” The production I saw last Saturday […]

‘The Vagina Monologues’ embraces female pleasure and feminism

“Vagina, vagina, vagina.” One of the most frequently mentioned words in the play, it is the topic of Eve Ensler’s 1996 play “The Vagina Monologues.” It is all “The Vagina Monologues” is about, yet this is fine because it is not dull nor has it gotten old. The episodic play was performed March 24-26 at […]

Know your rights: employee vs. independent contractor

You are excited about getting a job—someone actually wants to hire you for something! You now have to fill out forms and return them to your new employer. So you do that. Your employer must give you the correct one for the position, right? Don’t be so sure. Those pages of paperwork should tell you […]

Presidential candidates make a stand against life

The list of Republican nominees has shrunk, at the time of writing, to only three serious contenders. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich have all run very different campaigns, but there are two significant similarities between all candidates. Firstly, all three claim to be “pro-life.” Secondly, none of them actually are. Pro-life optics are […]

Invite Waltham to observe the squalor of Usen Castle

In the movies, historical societies and commissions are always portrayed as the good guy—or at least the underdog—and everyone likes an underdog. Usually, they work to save a beautiful, old building from being demolished by a greedy developer. They work with limited funds and try to convince a community to listen to their heart instead […]

Current loose midterm scheduling unhelpful, stressful

Brandeis sports an impressive academic reputation, with several renowned undergraduate and graduate programs alike. The university boasts an experienced faculty of high quality to educate its students, putting together a good formula for success. That formula, however, quickly becomes muddled with classes running on their own exam schedules. Nowadays, it is is common to see […]

Baseball wins home opener

The Brandeis University baseball team made their home debut with their new head coach Derek Carlson ’91 this past Tuesday. The Judges came into the game with a 7-9 record after coming back from their 19-9 win against UMass Boston. On March 30 the Judges took on Bridgewater. Throughout the entire game, the Judges and […]

Prof. Powers rejects univ. exploitation

“I’m in an abusive relationship with my employer.” When Professor Jillian Powers (AMST) says something like this, it’s hard to believe that she enjoys teaching at Brandeis. Yet it’s true, and it’s why she is so disappointed to have to leave. Powers came to Brandeis in 2013 as a postdoctoral fellow. After spending two years […]

Softball drops two to Wellesley

The Brandeis softball team took on Wellesley College on March 30 at home. The Judges dropped both games to Wellesley, moving the Judges closer to a .500 record of 10-9. The Judges couldn’t pull through with the bats in the first game, losing 7-1. Wellesley opened the game with five runs in the first seven […]

Cobalt’s “Slow Forever” is worth your time

Black metal has never been a genre I’ve been able to really mesh with. Despite my love of extreme music and metal in particular, black metal—especially the church-burning Norwegian kind—has never been my thing. For me, traditional vocals of the genre sound like someone trying to sound scary in a haunted house, and that does […]

Poetry and computer science collide at BITMAP event

BITMAP (Brandeis Initiative for Technology, Machines, Apps and Programming), Deis3D and the MakerLab have converted the month of March into MakeMonth, a full 31-day schedule of events which celebrate and promote innovation in the sciences at Brandeis and around the world. Tuesday, March 22 marked the event Code Poetry, an event cosponsored by BITMAP and […]

Adjunct profs. deserve better

This week, I wrote a feature article on Prof. Jillian Powers (AMST), a lecturer who was not asked to renew her one-year contract. In talking to Powers about her experience, I was horrified to learn about the way that the university exploits her labor and the labor of many other adjunct professors at this school. […]

Giving the incarcerated voice through artistic expression

One of America’s ugliest truths and an issue that continues to be swept under the rug is its sheer number of incarcerated people—the largest population behind bars in the entire world. This is one instance where our leadership is most unwelcome. Since 1970, the prison population has increased over 700%, and a 2011 report showed […]

Change unhealthy academic environments at their source

It’s no secret that school has gotten progressively more stressful. Most media coverage of academic stress has focused on high-achieving, privileged high schoolers, but the increasing stress of students is visible at all ages and across all socioeconomic classes. According to a study from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, the majority of high school […]