Professor Paula Musegades is listening

For people like Prof. Paula Musegades (MUS), music is more or less a part of her daily life. As a postdoctoral fellow in the music department, Musegades studies the intersection of music and film. In fact, this semester Musegades is teaching Music in Film, a course that explores how music plays a pivotal role in […]

Moderate conservative Republican perspective: Which presidential candidate makes you feel safer, and why?

Neither makes me feel particularly safe. Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information in her emails is an astounding display of negligence. FBI Director Comey told Congress, “I don’t think that our investigation [into Clinton’s emails] established she was actually particularly sophisticated with respect to classified information and the levels and treatment.” He also said that […]

Student Union Profile: Charlotte Lang

Charlotte Lang ’19 is the newly elected Village Quad senator. She has no prior experience in the Student Union, although she was Massell Quad’s secretary last year. Lang put her name in to run for Village senator, although she said she did not actively campaign. Lang said she wanted to be on the Student Union […]

Student Union Profile: Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown ’19 holds the positions of executive senator and senator for the class of 2019 this year. Brown is continuing her involvement in the Student Union after serving as senator for North Quad last year. Brown wants students to understand that voting for your senators is important. “I think that a lot of people […]

Administrators discuss upcoming changes at faculty meeting

President Ron Liebowitz vowed to tackle issues of divestment and diversity at a faculty meeting on Friday, Sept. 9. The meeting included a remembrance of Brandeis Professor of Economics Rachel McCulloch, a statement by University President Ron Liebowitz, the introduction of new staff and faculty, updates on unfilled positions at Brandeis and a brief presentation […]

How we are trying to truly be the community newspaper

The editorial staff at The Brandeis Hoot is committed to increasing the diversity of our paper and representing the Brandeis community as a whole. In April of 2016, we sent out a campus journalism survey to get more information on our readership, our role on campus, what students expect of us and how we can […]

Marusic awarded Sanders Book Prize

In early August of 2016, Professor Berislav Marušić (PHIL) was awarded the 2016 Sanders Book Prize for his book “Evidence and Agency: Norms of Belief for Promising and Resolving.” The prize is awarded to the best book focusing on philosophy of mind, metaphysics or epistemology published within the last five years. Along with the honor […]

Crown Center panelists put crises in context

In a panel titled “Beyond ISIS: What Should the Next U.S. President Know about the Middle East?” on Thursday, Sept. 15, five scholars from the Crown Center for Middle East Studies agreed that governmental corruption and post-revolution uncertainty are common problems in countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Turkey. Eva Bellin, panel moderator […]

Reclaiming my name

On Sept. 1, I posted the following status on my facebook wall. This has been on my mind for a while, but I have now made up my mind. Starting from this moment on, I am reclaiming the Spanish pronunciation of my name. No longer do I want to be addressed as An-juh-la. My parents […]

Brandeis students showcase art from home and abroad in new exhibition

Right in Goldman-Schwartz Art Studios, you will find an amalgamation of talent, inspiration and style in an exhibition of the new artwork from home and abroad students. The one thing they have in common: They are all talented artists. Abstract, fruit, landscape views, sculptures and paper cut outs are all in one room, in an […]

Real men do cry

It’s an idiom constantly heard both in media and in social settings: Real men don’t cry. It’s drilled into the minds of young men: Real men don’t cry. It’s repeated by the patriarchy until young men feel no sense of emotion and disconnect from it: Real men don’t cry. The belief that real men are […]

Men’s soccer record drops to 3-1-1

After the men’s soccer team started the season with three wins, this past week has challenged the Judges as they suffered a loss Saturday against Babson and a tie Wednesday against Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The Judges fought back in their games, which both ended after double overtime. In the Babson game, neither team had any […]

Sprinkles, frosting and everything nice collide at Cupcake Obsession club

While some people might like to party or go into Boston on a Friday night, most logical people can agree that the perfect way to spend an evening is by making delicious cupcakes. This is what Cupcake Obsession does. It is a club where people can come together and share their love of cupcakes, which […]

The evolution of Greek life at Brandeis

Brandeis has a world-class reputation as an academic institute, and one might not consider the Greek system to have a recognizable presence on campus, especially since it is not recognized by the university. However, Greek life is a great attribute to Brandeis’ nightlife, philanthropy and social scene. While Greek life is not a prominent aspect […]

‘Resting bitch face’ perpetuates sexist idea of women as no more than smiles

Women undoubtedly face certain obstacles that men do not. These forms of inequality may not be as blatant as in past decades, like when women couldn’t vote, but the way we talk about women in everyday conversation is indicative of how we view women in our society. These more subtle transgressions are a huge problem […]

BLSO celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with Frida Kahlo

“Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” BLSO, a Brandeis association for Latinos, will be kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month with Latina feminism. This Friday from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. BLSO will be hosting “Art Night: Spotlight on Frida Kahlo.” Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist, however, she […]

Gaga releases first taste of upcoming electro-pop-rock fusion album

Known worldwide for her “glamorously gaudy” stage persona, singer-turned-actress Lady Gaga has under her belt an extensive repertoire of groundbreaking feats in the world of performance, from electropop to jazz to acting and just about everything in between. Following her gradual stylistic change that began with her 2014 jazz collaboration, “Cheek to Cheek,” with Tony […]

The school-wide benefit of Hispanic/Latinx organizations

Latinx and Hispanic activism is relatively rare in New England. Compared to states like Florida and California, where Hispanic/Latinx people make up the largest ethnic group, the Latinx presence in Massachusetts is tiny. Colleges and universities in the Boston area reflect this smaller Hispanic and Latinx presence. For example, Brandeis’s undergraduate population is only 7.1 […]