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Brandeis Pro-Choice Club perspective: Which presidential candidate makes you feel safer, and why?

The upcoming presidential election will determine the safety of important issues such as access to contraceptives, abortion and other reproductive health services.

Recent history demonstrates that it is difficult for the President of the United States to impact the foundation of reproductive rights without help from the Supreme Court. Not only will this election determine who will occupy the Oval Office for four years, but it will also determine who will occupy the vacant ninth seat on the Supreme Court (and possibly more seats) for decades to come.

The safety of our reproductive rights depends on who is elected President and whom the new President appoints to the bench. It is essential that we elect a candidate who will make us feel safe and who will strive to protect our reproductive rights. This candidate is Hillary Clinton.

We know where Hillary Clinton stands. She has consistently and forcefully supported Roe v. Wade and fought for funding and access to reproductive health care.

As college students, it is important to us that we elect a candidate who will be active and vocal about campus sexual assault issues. Clinton is a strong proponent for providing more support to sexual assault survivors as well as increasing sexual assault prevention programs on college campuses.

We firmly believe that Clinton understands the importance of protecting reproductive rights, and we know she is capable of nominating a Supreme Court candidate who will be a champion of reproductive health care. With Hillary Clinton as President of the United States, knowing our judicial nominations would be in good hands makes us feel safe regarding the future of reproductive health.

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