Students reflect on openness of campus dialogue

Last week, the Features section of The Brandeis Hoot investigated the diversity of political ideas on campus. After a poll was distributed to about 500 students, it was revealed that 27 percent of the student body usually does not share their political opinions, and four percent never share. For those students who said that they […]

Diversity and total applications increase

The diversity and the overall size of Brandeis’ applicant pool increased this year, according to a presentation on admissions statistics from Andrew Flagel, the senior vice president for students and enrollment, at last Friday’s Faculty Meeting. The diversity of Brandeis’ first year class has been increasing at all stages of the admissions process. Brandeis is […]

An open letter to former Trump voters

This election has recently evoked the Flight 93 allegory: We are on the hijacked plane destined for the capital building. We can storm the cockpit and still probably die, or sit back and await our fiery deaths. If we accept the premise that Clinton is evil-incarnate and the destroyer of American sovereignty, and we accept […]

Student Union profile: Class of 2018 Senator Christian Nunez

Christian Nunez, the class of 2018 Student Union senator, is aiming to uplift marginalized voices, make campus safer and work with clubs during his term this year. He stressed the importance of including groups which are often not directly involved on campus in voting, such as members of Greek organizations. Senators are required to be […]

Why is Physics 18A different this year?

When people think about a physics lab course, they imagine cars being pushed down a ramp, masses hanging off of spring scales and applying a bunch of memorized formulas to their experiments. Depending on which level physics course a student is in, it may mean they have to either apply more conceptual knowledge to their […]

Enough with the fire escape already

Before I begin, let me make one thing clear: I love my room in Castle Tower B. I’ve got a big room with a sink inside it. I share a bathroom with only three other guys. If I wanted to, I could avoid seeing anybody who lives on my floor for the entirety of the […]