Prof. Wardwell fuses landscape images with lyrics

Professor Joseph Wardwell (FA) creates contemporary works of art with traditional landscape paintings and text from rock lyrics. The paintings, he says, make social and political statements about American society and culture. Wardwell finds that the relationship between American culture and landscape is the power to create a national identity, he noted. An example of […]

The Rose’s spring lineup is expected to delight and amuse across many media

The Rose Art Museum opens its spring exhibitions to the public on Thursday, Feb. 16. In anticipation of the museum’s semester opening, a preview has been composed of the upcoming artists and displays. The Rose will showcase works from the Rose’s collection, including art by Fred Eversley, Tommy Hartung, Louise Nevelson and Ana Mendieta along […]

‘Final Fantasy XV’: a road trip worth taking

“A Final Fantasy for fans and first-timers.” This is the first sentence that appears upon starting “Final Fantasy XV.” Right from the beginning, the game makes it clear that this is the most accessible entry yet in a series that’s spanned 15 main games and several spinoffs. The games are JRPGs (Japanese role-playing games), a […]

’DEIS Impact event discusses political and personal topics through art

The night of Sunday, Feb. 3, 2017 was cold and quiet. Inside Chums, however, it was pleasant. The “’DEIS Impact Open Mic Night: Diversifying Discussion Through Art,” an event from ’DEIS Impact, was about to begin. The room was filled with an intimate group of 18 or so people, and friends piled on couches among […]