High school should be more like college

Education is conducted very differently in different parts of the United States. No two high schools or colleges are identical in the way that they facilitate their students’ learning. However, colleges and high schools have very similar missions. Colleges generally give students the freedom to pursue the subject matters that interest them while also ensuring […]

Cross country comes out on top

The Judges have earned the no. 25 national ranking from the United States Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association and are led strongly by senior captains Emily Bryson ’19, Julia Bryson ’19 and Meaghan Barry ’19. Finishing first and 13th, the women’s and men’s cross country teams held a strong presence at the […]

The hunt for a washing machine

Sunday, considered a day of rest by many across the nation, is the Brandeisian day of homework. But this Sunday, I foolishly decided it could be more. Today? Today is also laundry day, and unless the gods of laundry fortune smile upon me, I know that I will waste hours questing for a functional laundry […]

How retcons burden long form entertainment

Retcons, or instances of “retroactive continuity,” are an increasingly divisive subject in the modern entertainment atmosphere of decade-spanning series and universes with dozens of sequels. Retcons are a type of literary device in which writers adjust, ignore or contradict previously established facts. The competitive attempts of writers in every genre create interesting and emotional stories […]

Annual community ‘Break Fast’ marks the end to Yom Kippur

UPDATED 9/2 at 2:13 a.m. Hundreds of Brandeis students, faculty and staff gathered in a large tent on the Great Lawn for “Break the Fast” at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 19. Initially created by former Senior Vice President for Students and Enrollment Andrew Flagel in 2010, “Break the Fast” strives to celebrate Jewish life on […]

Who is Sandi Tan?

“I see it as a very strange and round-about happy ending,” said Sandi Tan at a screening of her new film, “Shirkers,” at Brandeis’ Wasserman Cinematheque on Sept. 16. Tan’s film is a winding, autobiographical cine-essay about a movie—her movie—that dramatically changed her life. It was Singapore in the early 90s, and the small island […]

What did Mac Miller mean to Pennsylvania?

Admittedly, I’m not sure. I’m from a small suburb in eastern Pennsylvania, roughly six hours from Mac Miller’s native Pittsburgh. A Philadelphia artist like Meek Mill arguably should have been the more relevant musician in our area. Yet, while I was in high school, no artist was more widely listened to than Mac Miller. Kanye […]

Brandeis’ got talent

We need to prioritize arts and performance spaces on campus. As a gloomy institution in an even gloomier town, it’s absolutely necessary that we have people and places bringing back life and light. We need more things like Stein Night. Founded a few years ago by Michael Harlow ’19, a student and one-half of the […]

What I wish I knew: transportation woes

One of the many perks of Brandeis’ campus is its unique personality. Whether it be the woodsy, nature feel, iconic castle or modern buildings, the blatant lack of a cohesive aesthetic is one of this campus’ most amiable, quirky qualities. Aside from Brandeis’ lovable looks, it is on the outskirts of one of the most […]