Awards show looks to honor students and faculty across campus

Let’s face it, we have all had that dream to walk a red carpet with famous Hollywood stars, gazing into a sea of flashing cameras, getting the chance for a spotlight. But the reality… most of us will never get to that point. But we do have the next best thing: Brandeis’ own awards show, […]

Amendment passed that requires all secured clubs to have a club consultant

The Student Union has passed legislation mandating that all secured clubs must register an official “Club Consultant.” This amendment is serving as a “trial run,” with the intention of eventually applying to all university clubs, according to Vice President Aaron Finkel ’19. The Brandeis Media Coalition (BMC), made up of representatives of the Justice, Brandeis […]

TEDx presenters reflect on the past to look toward the future

Members of the Brandeis community gathered for the third annual TEDx Brandeis University, an independently organized TED event. This year’s theme for the event, “Past Perspectives, Future Minds,” gave each of the five speakers: R Matthews ’19, Nakul Srinivas ’21, Ben Greene ’21, Shaquan McDowell ’18 and Abeer Pamuk MA ’20 spoke about various influential […]

UTC’s ‘Mamma Mia’ puts a new spin on a classic

In the interest of transparency, I’ll start this article with a brief disclaimer. I have been critiquing, and sometimes creating, student theater for five years. Despite the skepticism I sometimes face when discussing it, I will champion it as something with as much worth as the work created by more experienced artists. The student musical […]

Students mobilize to get sexual violence legislation passed in Massachusetts legislature

Sagie Tvizer ’19 encountered people throughout his time at Brandeis who showed interest in organizing around sexual violence prevention and equity, so he helped form a small, informal coalition aimed at trying to help these causes. When Alison Hagani ’22, a worker at Brandeis’ Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center (PARC), came to Tvizer with the […]

Hoot recommends, April 5, 2019

“Terrace House” isn’t your average reality TV show. Instead of screaming and manufactured drama, it’s all real—or, at least, more real than most of what we see on reality TV. Originally a Japanese show and now being produced under the Netflix umbrella, each season follows six strangers—three men and three women—living in a house and […]

What our leaders owe us

Student government at Brandeis needs to be better. We elect people to the Union in order to represent us. But that hasn’t been going on—instead of listening, they disregard their constituents, bent on passing their patronizing pet legislation, so they can pad their resumes. In both their words and deeds, our elected student representatives are […]

Put more faith in Brandeis students

Before John Stossel spoke at the Young Americans for Liberty event on Monday, April 1, Director of Student Activities Dennis Hicks read a prepared speech essentially warning students that if they were to disrupt the talk in an unsafe or blatantly rude or disrespectful way, they would be “dealt with” by university police. He pointed […]

Architect speaks about role of symbolism in design of the American university

Balancing between function and beauty can often be difficult when designing higher education facilities, according to an architect who spoke at Brandeis on Tuesday evening as a part of the Richard Saivetz ’69 Annual Memorial Architectural Lecture Series. Architect Kevin Hom said that an architect’s clients are not just the students of today but also […]

Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Arts preview

The annual Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Arts is fast approaching, running from “Super Sunday” April 7 to Sunday, April 14. The festival features both student and faculty-run groups around campus as well as outside performances throughout the week-long festival. According to a press release given to The Brandeis Hoot by the sponsor of the […]

How conservatives contribute to the polarized nature of political discourse

In hearing the opinions of people on both sides of the spectrum, I have noticed that many believe the left to be the source of much of the recent polarized socio-political discussion. More specifically, they cite outrage culture as the reason that it is so difficult to cooperate with liberals to reach a meaningful compromise […]

Survey Circulates About Environmental Impact of Student Newspapers

A member of the Student Union, Class of 2019 Senator Kent Dinlenc ’19 sent out a survey in a Facebook post regarding the interest in and sustainability of having two student newspapers on campus on Wednesday afternoon. A couple of hours later, Dinlenc posted a different version of the post, removing any mention of the […]

The Final Four is set

The Final Four of the NCAA Tournament has been decided: Virginia, Texas Tech, Michigan State and Auburn punched their tickets to Minneapolis, Minnesota on Saturday. The Spartans were able to pull off the upset, knocking off the number one overall seed in the tournament in Duke. The Auburn Tigers continued their magical run as they […]

Brandeis makes over $638,000 on application fees

Brandeis University recently admitted the class of 2023, but from those students who weren’t admitted, Brandeis gained roughly $556,480 in application fees. The $80 fee, however, isn’t paid by everyone. Out of 11,343 applicants this year, almost 30 percent applied with an application fee waiver, according to Dean of Admissions Jennifer Walker. About 1,027 students […]

Softball remains undefeated after series cancellation

After a series cancellation against University Athletic Association (UAA) Conference opponent Washington University in St. Louis due to inclement weather, Brandeis softball played a double-header against local team Wellesley University on Wednesday, April 3. The game cancellations in St. Louis ensured the softball team’s perfect 10-0 record going into the games against Wellesley on Wednesday, […]

Author speaks on untold history of Iranian Jews

The author of a book about Jewish history in Iran spoke about the history of Iranian Jews and the community’s present impact on the global Jewish community. Lior Sternfeld is the author of the book “Between Iran and Zion: Jewish Histories of Twentieth Century Iran.” He is not an Iranian Jew himself. Sternfeld comes from […]

Students beat faculty in fundraising basketball game

Students beat faculty and staff 50-40 in a basketball game that accompanied a fundraiser to support causes at Brandeis. The causes included the Brandeis Food Pantry, the Student Emergency Fund, the General Scholarship Fund, The Green Fund for Campus Sustainability, World of Work (WOW) Fellowships and the Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center (PARC). The six […]

Brandeis tennis continues to move up the national rankings

In their past three and two matches respectively, both the Brandeis men’s and women’s tennis teams were overly victorious, essentially sweeping all of their opponents. The men are ranked No. 10 in the nation, while the women sit at No. 18, both cracking the top 20 in NCAA’s Division III. Against the Beavers of nearby […]

Call you when the album’s over

Imagine sitting in a dark, cold room, surrounded by all your deepest fears and darkest thoughts. Now imagine those things set to heavy bass and feathery vocals, and you have Billie Eilish’s debut album, “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” (“WWAFAWDWG”). Eilish and her older brother Finneas O’Connell, who produces their music […]

Chair of DNC speaks on 2020 Presidential Election

The Chair of the Democratic National Committee let a packed audience know that he was counting the days—528—to the 2020 Presidential Election. “I’m counting because the world is watching,” Tom Perez said. Perez spoke about his, and the DNC’s strategies to take back the White House in 2020—by redoubling the DNC’s efforts and refocusing on […]