In the Senate 10/13

October 18, 2019

Global Brigades, J Street U and the Trading Cards club were all unanimously rechartered after being dechartered at last week’s Senate meeting. These clubs had been dechartered for not turning in their anti-hazing forms on time, according to Club Support Committee Chair Joseph Coles ’22.

Vice President Guillermo Caballero ’20 congratulated everyone on a successful Pride Deis. He said the event only cost about $300 and was a collaborative effort assisted by the Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center (PARC) and the Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC). He also said that the Market Basket van has reportedly had at least one person on each ride, so the service has proven to be useful. The Market Basket route started after a group of students, protesting under the name #StillConcernedStudents, called for expanded routes to Market Basket Plaza in order to reduce costs and food security for low income students, according to an earlier Hoot article. The shuttle services to Market Basket Plaza run Mondays through Fridays, between noon and 4 p.m.

Nancy Zhai ’22 said the Senate Dining Committee will be working with dining administrations throughout the year to relay student feedback to prospective dining vendors. She said that there will be an open forum on Oct. 29 and Oct. 30 for students to express their wishes. She also said that the Einstein’s menu has been “fixed,” and she has worked with managers to place price labels for every item.

Chair of the Services and Outreach Committee Alison Leibowitz ’20 has been working with President Simran Tatuskar ’21 to figure out the logistics of the Turkey Shuttle, and she said that she is going to confirm the details before the cost of alternate transportation options become too expensive.

Rosenthal Quad and Skyline Senator Leah Fernandez ’22 is working on The Condom Initiative with the Health and Safety Committee. The Condom Initiative supplies condoms to bathrooms in first-year residence halls and is looking to expand the initiative to supplying all residence hall bathrooms with free condoms. Fernandez said that she has been receiving a lot of feedback from students about the initiative.

Josh Hoffman ’21 of the Health and Safety Committee said that facilities was supposed to restock tampons in a “handful of bathrooms” and asked the room if the tampons had been restocked. Fernandez and Class of 2023 Senator Skye Liu ’23 both said that they have not seen the tampons restocked.

Caballero announced to the Senate that he and Senior Representative to the Board of Trustees Zosia Busé ’20 had brought a case before the Judiciary against President Simran Tatuskar ’21. Caballero said that he had waited to officially inform the senators because the complaint was filed the previous Monday, and he did not want to announce it to the Senate over email. 

Caballero said that Tatuskar had barred Executive Senator Jake Rong ’21 from attending the executive board meeting in Caballero’s stead while he was not on campus. He had been thinking about the decision to bring his complaint to the Judiciary for a long time and that it was a “last resort.” 

The senate then voted to enter an executive session.