Dunkin’ V-Day menu

Dunkin’ V-Day menu someone please come up with a better title for us pls John Fornagiel & Sasha Skarboviychuk  With Valentine’s Day approaching, we decided that it is our duty as food reviewers to try Dunkin’s new menu items. They have two new donuts: Cupid’s Choice Donut, which is filled with Bavarian Kreme and strawberry-flavored […]

Surviving ‘Promising Young Woman’

Editor’s Note: This article contains spoilers. A woman is parked in an intersection. A pick-up truck pulls up next to her—inside, a man screams at her to move. She steps out calmly and takes a tire iron to his windshield as a chorus of violins surge. In that moment Cassie (Carrie Mulligan) shows us what […]

‘Devotion:’ alright Taiwanese horror game

Perhaps I had unreasonably high expectations for “Devotion.” Made by Red Candle Games, it’s a first-person, 3D horror game and the spiritual successor of “Detention,” another Taiwanese horror game I really enjoyed and reviewed for The Brandeis Hoot. But alas, I’m disappointed to report that Devotion is only an alright, not so scary horror game […]

‘evermore’ is a gold-infused dream

Though other artists could drop two back-to-back surprise albums during a pandemic, only Taylor Swift could produce the two strongest albums of her career. Taylor welcomed December with “evermore,” the “sister album” to her summer release “folklore.” “evermore” continues the indie-folk sound that Taylor introduced in her previous surprise album. With the soothing guitar of […]

‘Possessor’ is a horrific tale of technological intrusion

“Possessor” directed by Brandon Cronenberg is ostentatious, confusing and wholly unique in its artistic vision. This surrealist dramatic horror may be memorable and thought-provoking, but that does not excuse the vague, and at times boring, plot this movie is built upon. The extreme gore and beautifully constructed transitional sequences throughout this film partially make up […]