Breaking the Brandeis bubble

Near the beginning of the academic year, both the students and the administration put great effort into requiring people on campus to stay on campus, while discouraging those outside of the Brandeis community from coming onto campus. The administration has been quite consistent about this, even putting forth guidelines encouraging individuals to stay within Massachusetts […]

Men’s tennis starts season off with 6-1 victory over Merrimack

Coming back for their first game of the season, the Brandeis University Mens’ tennis team came out with a 6-1 win over the Division I Merrimack Warriors. After being on the sidelines since last spring due to the cancellation of all varsity sports amid the COVID-19 pandemic, responding with a statement game like this was […]

Softball starts off strong, Goldman pitches perfect game

The Brandeis Judges softball team played their first two games of the season on April 10. In game one of the double header against Worcester State University, the Brandeis Judges softball team won in very convincing fashion with a score of 9-0. The team was led by pitcher Sydney Goldman ’22, who threw a perfect […]

Brandeis baseball opens up season with hot start

It had been a while since the Brandeis baseball team played a home game at Stein Diamond. In their return home for the first time in nearly two years, the Judges opened their season strong, going 4-1 in this past week’s games from Friday, April 2 to Wednesday, April 7. Friday, April 2: Johnson and […]


Welcome back to the Student Sexuality Information Service (SSIS) column, where we answer any and all of Brandeis students’ questions about sex, sexuality, identity and relationships. If you have a question you’d like answered in our next column, email or leave a question in our Google Form Any and all questions are welcome: […]

Jigsaw puzzles: relaxation for the soul

Growing up as an only child, I didn’t really have anyone to play with as a kid. Entertaining myself was, well, a me problem. Please note that I was still growing up before the major era of technology, so playing games on an iPad or computer was not really a thing. But anyways, being a […]

Modern threats to US Supreme Court legitimacy

As a student pursuing legal studies here at Brandeis, I try to be somewhat up to date on cases that the Supreme Court has decided or that are in the system. (It also helps that my classes force me to look into these cases!) Recently, I was searching for information for a paper I have […]

The undeniable best breakfast

I want to preface this entire article by saying that breakfast in general is the best meal of the day, no questions asked. Let’s first assure ourselves of this. Does anybody even consider lunch to be the best meal of the day? What does lunch even have to offer that either breakfast or dinner do […]

The flaws in our police state

One year after the death of George Floyd, Black and brown men are still dying at the hands of trigger-happy police. Time and time again, news has come across our timelines of yet another incident of police brutality, of yet another young Black man being brutalized for their skin color, of yet another American backstabbing […]

Being a midyear used to be awesome

I was a London midyear. That means that, rather than coming to Brandeis in fall 2017, I was selected to make an unheard-of choice: sit around and do nothing for a season or take my abroad semester immediately. My other option was to go to Australia or something with Northeastern anyway, so going to London […]

Liebowitz contract extended for five years

The Board of Trustees has extended President Ron Liebowitz’s contract for another five years, according to a press release sent to the Brandeis community on April 9. The Board of Trustees stated “strong support for his [Liebowitz’s] continued leadership” in the press release.  “I am grateful to have the opportunity to advance the work we […]

In the Senate, April 11

Student Union Vice President Krupa Sourirajan ’23 announced that executive board members will be coming to the Senate for their next meeting, where they will also present the Union budget. Various members of the senior administration attended the Senate meeting to tell the senators about their roles and answer any questions they may have.  University […]

Heller student named plaintiff in class action lawsuit against U.S. Department of Education

Tristan Campbell (GRAD), a student at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, was one of 33 named plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education with hopes to eliminate the religious exemption from Title IX, which currently allows religious institutions to discriminate against LGBT students.  The lawsuit, filed by […]

Univ. encourages community to seek options for vaccination

The university announced that they are trying to provide vaccines to the community directly, but community members should look for an alternative way to get vaccinated, wrote Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Carol Fierke and Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance Stew Uretsky in an email sent to the Brandeis community […]

New and upcoming Undergraduate Research Symposium

The first ever all-discipline Undergraduate Research and Creative Collaborations Symposium will be held virtually on April 30, showcasing more than 120 projects across the sciences, social sciences, humanities and creative arts. As of now, the symposium is the only event that covers research across all disciplines in the undergraduate population.  Director of Undergraduate-Faculty Research Partnerships […]

‘Yes Day’ will give everyone above the age of 12 anxiety

When you see a Netflix movie, you immediately have a set of expectations: not cinematic genius, but a nice movie. Although “Yes Day” is supposed to be a comedy, we ended up with strong feelings of worry and anxiety throughout the majority of the film. Perhaps that just shows that we are old farts with […]

Pay attention to Olivia Rodrigo

You might not know the name Olivia Rodrigo, but you will soon. This 18-year-old is an up-and-comer with tons of potential. Her first two singles “driver’s license” and “deja vu” have gone straight to the top of the charts, and right to the top of my heart.  You’ve probably heard “driver’s license” whether or not […]