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Charles River Apartments lose power

The Charles River Apartments lost power on Oct. 26 during a rainstorm. All four Charles River Apartment buildings were impacted by the power outage; university facilities and other campus partners were able to resolve the issue within the day. 

The power went on in the dormitory buildings around 2:42 p.m. on Wed. Oct 26. The Department of Community Living (DCL) emailed students at 3:24 p.m. to inform students that the department was aware of the power outage and that they were working to resolve the problem, according to an email obtained by The Brandeis Hoot which was sent to students living in the Charles River Apartments residence halls. 

“At this time, we know Charles River Quad is experiencing a power outage. Brandeis University Facilities and other campus partners are aware of the situation and are actively working to fix it,” read the email sent to students.

Students reported hearing a loud boom before the power went out in the buildings, according to several student sources reporting to The Hoot. 

Students who lost power were provided additional support from DCL staff. Due to the power outage, the swipe access to enter the buildings was affected, preventing students from reentering their residence halls. “We also know that at this time the exterior stairwell doors are not able to be opened via swipe access. Community Living Staff will be present to help residents into their stairwells until this problem is fixed,” read the email sent to students from DCL. 

“ [The power outage] could not have come at a more inconvenient time. It completely neutered my ability to do any and all of my work,” said student Matthew Colbert ’23, who lives in one of the Charles River Apartments. 

DCL also had Health and Safety Inspections planned for Oct. 26, but due to the power outage had to postpone the inspections, according to an email obtained by The Hoot sent by Charlie McBurney, Area Coordinator of the Charles River Apartments. 

“Due to the power outage yesterday, the Health and Safety Inspections that were scheduled in 110 Angleside Road/Charles River 111 and 164 Charles River Road/Charles River 114 had to be canceled,” read the email. 

The Health and Safety Inspections for 178 Charles River Road (Charles River 114) were rescheduled for Thursday, Oct. 28. Inspections for 10 Angleside Road (Charles River 111) were rescheduled for Friday, Oct. 29.

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