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Campus Activity Board presents: Halloweekend

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted a Halloweekend Extravaganza event, according to an email sent to the Brandeis community on Oct. 20 by Lucas Malo, the Director of Community Service. The event took place in the Shapiro Campus Center (SCC) on Oct. 30 from 8:30 p.m. until 11 p.m., according to the email. Students were invited and encouraged to come to the event in their Halloween costumes. 

To participate in the festivities, students were required to have a green or yellow passport. Halloweekend Extravaganza was an event hosted in celebration of Halloween. One of the events hosted on the first floor of the SCC was laser tag, where the lobby was taped off to make room for the arena and obstacles. Students were able to play in a four-on-four style, although smaller teams were acceptable, where the team that got the most kills within five minutes was deemed the winner. Laser tag was almost constantly running throughout the night. 

Moreover, CAB previously planned to have escape rooms throughout campus outside where students could collaborate to find an exit by putting together clues and thinking creatively. However, “the escape room had to be postponed due to the rain, and the laser tag was moved into the atrium so that people would still be able to play,” CAB Vice President Douglas Vantran ’22 told The Brandeis Hoot in an interview. 

There was also a photobooth and a costume contest located on the first floor. At the photobooth, a photographer took three pictures of individuals or groups and had the photos printed on-site. In addition, there was a photographer taking pictures of individuals or groups in Halloween costumes for the costume contest, with the winner of the contest winning the prize of a Nintendo Switch. 

Groups up to four also had the possibility of winning a mini projector each, according to a post on the Brandeis CAB Instagram page. Groups of two also had the possibility of winning a Squishmallow, a type of plush toy. There was also a DJ, music and dancing in the multipurpose room on the second floor of the SCC.

Additionally, according to the email, many clubs were also welcomed to take part in the event by decorating one of the reserved rooms and running an event in these rooms. Hosted events of this nature include pumpkin-carving and painting by Liquid Latex, along with trick-or-treating at the Student Union office among many others.

The third floor of the SCC also gave away many free Halloween sweets. These included Halloween-themed cupcakes and cookies, make-your-own s’mores, candy apples and also mocktails such as an apple cider sangria. ”We were so happy to be able to do an in-person event for Halloween this year,” Vantran added.

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