Campus Activity Board presents: Halloweekend

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted a Halloweekend Extravaganza event, according to an email sent to the Brandeis community on Oct. 20 by Lucas Malo, the Director of Community Service. The event took place in the Shapiro Campus Center (SCC) on Oct. 30 from 8:30 p.m. until 11 p.m., according to the email. Students were […]

The World Series was boring?

This year’s World Series consisted of two teams that were not projected to be there. However, the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros defied the odds and proceeded to the World Series. Two underdogs faced off against each other. How could this battle of two underdogs be boring? The competition between the two teams was supposed […]

Meet the ‘Brassy Broad’ Brandeis alum

Alison Bass ’75 earned the nickname “Brassy Broad” because she was too intimidating to the male editors she worked under, she explained in an event on Wednesday, Nov. 3. But she wasn’t just showy or loud; she made a point in her reporting to try to help survivors of traumatic events. Bass was one of […]

In the Senate Oct. 31

Emily McKerrow ’24 from Herbicide Free Brandeis attended the Senate meeting seeking probationary status for the club. Probationary status is the 12-week period in which new clubs develop and prove their ability to pursue or fulfill their purpose before getting chartered and being officially recognized as a club, according to the Bylaws of the Student […]

Women’s volleyball wins against Springfield

The Brandeis women’s volleyball team earned the win on Senior Day in Auerbach Arena, defeating Springfield College 3-1. Outside hitter Lara Verstovsek ’25 had 15 kills, while senior leader Kaitlyn Oh ’22 led the match with 21 digs.  Emily Morrison ’23 helped rally her team back in the first set, as the Judges trailed 7-4; […]

‘Lost’ is the perfect show for anyone who wants to be found

There are some shows and movies that attempt to tell stories about ordinary, struggling people. You know the type: the artsy, wide shots, the blue-grey-tinted lenses, the long stretches of silence and softly spoken monologues. In my personal experience, I find that they can be a hit or miss, where I’m paying more attention to […]

Orly Nathan: Pursuing Marcia Freedman’s ideas for women’s rights

In the event titled, “She Knows: Using the Brandeis Feminist Collection Archives to Explore the History of Israeli Feminism,” Orly Nathan, the Elaine Reuben ’63-HBI Jewish Feminism Collections Scholar in Residence discussed her current work. Nathan is the chief information specialist of “She Knows (Yoda’at)” at the Samuel Neaman Institute at the Technion.  “She Knows” […]

The Brandeis Lydian String Quartet performs a lunchtime concert at Mandel Center

The Brandeis Lydian String Quartet performed at the Mandel Center this past Wednesday as a part of the Brandeis Concert Series. Faculty, students and the larger Waltham community filled the Mandel atrium for an afternoon of music and refreshments. While the group normally has four musicians, one of their violinists, Judith Eissenberg, was unable to […]

Student Union offers Turkey Shuttles to students

The Student Union resumed its Turkey Shuttle service this semester for students traveling to New York, New Jersey or Logan Airport for Thanksgiving break, according to an email sent by Student Union President Krupa Sourirajan ’23 to community members on Oct. 29. The Turkey Shuttle service, in collaboration with Joseph’s Van Services and the Brandeis […]

Celebrity signature insights

Brandeis, you may not have asked for this, you may not have wanted this but by God do you absolutely not need this. Today myself and Rachel Landis ’23 want to bring the world of stardom a little closer to this campus, and no we are not extending the Rabb Steps into space. Instead, today […]

October’s new indie singles

Meduza/Hozier —  “Tell it to My Heart” My perspective on this one is not very controversial among long-time Hozier fans. Admittedly, I know nothing about Meduza or the genre of EDM in general, so it isn’t my place to comment on the quality of Meduza or his ability to produce a song. But, I can […]

Wendy’s new ‘hot and crispy’ fries

Wendy’s recently decided to take on soggy fries, solving a true societal issue. According to Wendy’s website, “Fries should be hot AND crispy. Period. That’s why we guarantee our new fries will be both of those things. And they are significantly preferred over McDonald’s fries.*” The note next to the asterisk read: “Taste preference based […]

Orrie Friedman’s plants taken care of by the Chemistry Department

If you’re willing to make the trek up to the third floor in the SSC to study, or take the elevator ride up, you’ll be greeted by a variety of fauna sitting out in the hallway. There are various potted plants, lush and well-cared for, with an intriguing past.    In one of the pots […]

‘Young Justice’ and the meaninglessness of death

Recently, the much anticipated season four of the show “Young Justice” came out on HBO Max. While the first few episodes of the series were generally high quality both in animation and story, the fourth episode took an unexpected turn with the death of Superboy (Nolan North), one of the show’s original protagonists. This supposed […]

A witchy night with “Macbeth”

What is a better way to celebrate Halloween than with Shakespeare’s spookiest play? Hold Thy Peace, Brandeis’ Shakespeare society, put on “Macbeth” on Oct. 30 and 31. I was able to attend opening night and see the society in action. This was one hour and 30 minutes of excitement, chaos and scares. This was not […]

Cross country participates in UAA Championships

On Saturday, Sep. 30, the Brandeis men’s and women’s cross country teams went to Rochester, New York to compete in the University Athletic Association (UAA) Championships. This competition was full of top Division III teams within the nation. The women’s team finished in sixth place with 122 points and the men’s team finished in eighth […]

Brandeis Climate Justice rejects President Liebowitz’s divestment plan

On Friday, Oct. 10, President Ron Liebowitz sent out a school-wide email, titled “Advancing and deepening Brandeis’ commitment to sustainability.” The lofty announcement came weeks after schools like Harvard and Boston University publicly shared their own divestment plans. While Brandeis students have been pushing for fossil fuel divestment since 2012, the strategic timing of the […]

Cities as canvases: Art by Amelie

Amelie de Cirfontaine ’18 is a mural and street artist currently based in both San Francisco and New York. Even though Amelie always considered herself an artist, she initially did not see it as a potential career. Amelie graduated from Brandeis in 2018 with a major in not only art, but business and international studies. […]

The case for changing your hair

Recently I have been having the urge to change my hair.  Not in a mentally-ill-manic kind of way but a mentally-ill-but-I-like-changing-my-hair kind of way. Even if I was fully mentally sound I still believe I would be changing my hair color or style every other month simply because I hate being bored with how I […]

Former Student Union Secretary speaks out on impeachment

James Feng ’22, former Student Union Secretary, spoke to The Brandeis Hoot regarding his impeachment and what he believes are potential alternative motives for why other members of the Student Union wanted him off of the union. Feng was impeached on Oct. 27 due to “gross neglect” of his responsibilities, according to a previous Hoot […]