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October’s new indie singles

Meduza/Hozier —  “Tell it to My Heart”

My perspective on this one is not very controversial among long-time Hozier fans. Admittedly, I know nothing about Meduza or the genre of EDM in general, so it isn’t my place to comment on the quality of Meduza or his ability to produce a song. But, I can say confidently that Hozier’s involvement in this release is painful to me. Obviously, when I hear Hozier is releasing a new song, my inner mysterious forest creature becomes excited. However, this song is underwhelming to say the least. I am disappointed in his voice being wasted on a heavily produced song such as this one. Hozier’s vocals are a gift to mankind that must not be tainted by technology. His voice in this song sounds significantly less genuine and rich than in his personal projects. While the vocals are impeccably done, because it IS Hozier of course, they are unlike him. He sounds like himself, but not the him that made me fall in love with his music and his unique sound. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate this song. It’s catchy, and also, it is virtually impossible for me to dislike anything Hozier is a part of. This song is for Hozier fans who also like going to raves, which is a very small audience, but I guess it exists enough to make a song for them! 

On top of the disappointment I have in Hozier for not releasing a soulful folk ballad like the good wood nymph he normally is, I have one critique for the song itself. Its ending is so abrupt it is almost confusing. I don’t like my songs to hit it and quit it, I need some aftercare, especially with something as heavily produced and upbeat as this song is. 


Snail Mail — “Madonna”

The first thing I think of when listening to this album-teaser single is how sexy the bassline is at the beginning. The bass is rich and deep and pairs perfectly with Lindsey’s airy voice at the start. The vocals in this song, along with every Snail Mail song, are delicious. Honestly, I don’t know what this song is about, and I don’t care. I have nothing else but praise to give this song; its sound is so wonderful and catchy—and I am in a serious Snail Mail phase at the moment. 

This song was released with a few other teasers for a new 10-track album entitled “Valentine,” which will be out on Nov. 5. 


Beach Bunny —  “Oxygen” 

This upbeat tune was released on Oct. 27 and already has a couple hundred thousand listens on Spotify. Admittedly, quite a few of those listens are me. I am a huge fan of Beach Bunny’s previous music such as their brooding 2018 hit “Painkiller” and their more recent bitch tune “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used).” “Oxygen” follows perfectly in their genre niche of sad songs for angry people who like to dance (and scream). The song has key drums that drive the beat along with the mournful sounding vocals usual of Beach Bunny. More of Beach Bunny’s recent hits have been more positive lyrically than their previous songs, which is a great turn for them as artists! I love a good sad song, but I love a romantic rock ballad a bit more. Lead vocalist Lili sings “suddenly everything is easy, I’ve never felt something so deeply” in the chorus, starkly different from lines in 2018’s “Painkiller,” “every conversation puts me back on medication, sorry’s just another word you’re saying.”

Beach Bunny is possibly making a move towards a happier album in the future, but maintains their original sound perfectly despite the thematic differences. They are performing two nights in a row in Boston early next week; you should grab some last minute tickets if they’re still available!


Peach Pit —  “Up Granville”

I have been gripped by this song since it came out on Oct. 1. Its light and airy guitar intro on top of Peach Pit’s classic folksy vocals is perfect for a late fall stroll. Released a year after their second album, “Up Granville” has been long awaited by fans of Peach Pit—especially me. The song has a consistent loneliness to it despite its upbeat nature. It is static in the best and most personal way possible that hits differently to each listener. Peach Pit’s ability to create such meaningful and personal songs paired with the most careless guitar and a happy essence is absolutely unmatched. As usual, they have released something amazing with this single, and I cannot wait for their next album to be out (hopefully soon!). Peach Pit is a band to fall back on for every feeling possible, and “Up Granville” fits into their repertoire seamlessly. 


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