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The case for changing your hair

Recently I have been having the urge to change my hair.  Not in a mentally-ill-manic kind of way but a mentally-ill-but-I-like-changing-my-hair kind of way. Even if I was fully mentally sound I still believe I would be changing my hair color or style every other month simply because I hate being bored with how I look. Because of this urge I get, I don’t really understand people who never want to change their hair. Why are you not feeling bland staring at the same locks you’ve had since elementary school? No judgment towards people who like to keep it simple, but simple is not me. Since it has been on my mind lately, I would like to present the case for changing your hair. Maybe this will get you to think differently about switching up your look! Or maybe it won’t—I don’t mind either way. 

First and foremost I am a huge advocate for a “you don’t like it until you try it” mindset when it comes to style choices. How do you know what you like best on you, or what will feel or look the best with your particular skin tone or face shape until you switch things up a bit? I am not saying you need to shave your head to see if your bone structure is enhanced by a buzzcut, but I am saying there is no reason NOT to get those caramel highlights or experiment with curtain bangs. Some people’s natural hair colors just wash them out, or give them a flat sort of look. This is how my natural color and style looks on me: flat. Why not see what color can make you pop, enhance your eyes and make you feel more confident? Embrace the features you may be insecure about, and allow them to make you more striking with a simple hair color change. 

Hair dye is also a very cheap and easy way to switch up your look! If you have light enough hair you can just put an all-over semi permanent dye on top and suddenly you’ll be a whole different person. Obviously if you fell in love with a certain color or style, it takes commitment and effort to maintain it (especially if “it” is professionally done bleach jobs), but it is easy enough to go back to your usual color if you aren’t in love. I have reverted back to my natural color about three times since I started dyeing my hair, and every time I remember why I changed it to begin with. Hair changes are not permanent, hair grows and color can be removed or replaced easily enough to justify spur of the moment dye jobs. 

Additionally, my hair changes have been compliment attractors! While it isn’t the best reason to change up your look, it is one. People notice things that are different and unique about others, and compliment those things profusely. Nearly every day I get complimented for my hair color, a pinkish red that attracts everyone’s eyes even when I don’t want it to. Having something unique like this about yourself is a conversation starter, and a way to connect with people you otherwise may not have the opportunity to get to know. Colorful hair is also like a 24/7 accessory that can be used to spice up a usually bland outfitit is perfect for when you’re feeling boring because at least you won’t look like it! 

College is probably the best time to try something new with your hair cut or color: you’re generally away from the scrutinizing eyes of Gen X parents and you are yet to really be concerned about the highest level of “professionalism” possible. Plus, you can always change it back to something more palatable for internships if need be. 

Why be simple when you can try something new during a fun and formative time in your life? Only those who are jealous or lame will judge you for it, and those who think it’s cool will be your newest best friendsespecially me. So if you have been waiting for a sign to do something different with your hairdye it, cut bangs, get extensions or do a big chopthis is your sign. Do it and rock it with confidence, you’re about to look 10 times cooler.

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