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The Matt Colbert Wendy’s experience

The biggie bag is what keeps me going in life. Of all the fast food options available to the American consumer, this is by far the best both in terms of quality and value. What’s not to love? It is truly a balancing act and Wendy’s manages to walk the line so perfectly. When I’m in need of a nice quick snack it is the perfect size. It gives me just the right amount of food without making me feel like crap afterwards. It gives me a little bit of everything I desire when I go to Wendy’s. As a whole, I give it 78 Cornelius Vanderbilt’s sideburns out of 81 Cornelius Vanderbilt’s sideburns. Furthermore, I submit that the Wendy’s Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce has become the premier sauce of all fast food eateries. Long has the Chick-fil-A sauce sat atop the pyramid of sauces but with their new sauce Wendy’s has given the Chick-fil-A’s sauce a decisive Daniel LaRusso illegal crane kick to the face and has firmly dethroned it to become the new all-valley karate champion of sauces. In the eyes of this world-renowned food reviewer, Wendy’s has scored a near perfect 38 giant anteaters out of 39. Wendy’s truly putting in some consistently impressive performances as of late, very close to firmly cementing itself as an S-tier fast food eatery.

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