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Student Union hosts first elections of the semester

The Student Union announced the winners of its first round of elections for the spring 2022 semester, according to an email sent by Michael Pollard—Student Union Secretary—to community members on Feb. 6. The North Quad Senator and Mid-Year Senator positions were filled as well as two allocations board seats. 

The North Quad Senator Position was won by James Brosgol ’25. There was one seat open and Brosgol was the only person to run for the position, according to Pollard’s email. In his candidate bio, Brosgol wrote that he values honesty and integrity. 

“Serving others requires a steadfast commitment to the truth, alongside resolve to act with sincerity and honor when making decisions. The people of North Quad deserve nothing but the truth, and if elected I will ensure that they receive nothing less,” wrote Brosgol in his bio. 

Sherry (Xuanyu) Tao ’25 won the Mid-Year Senator position. Tao ran against Harrison Maddick, Asa Colby Weinstein and Shreya Ahuja, according to Pollard’s email. 

In Tao’s candidate bio, she wrote that she has a lot of experience connecting with the student body and planning events for students. Tao gained experience during her high school career where she served as a head Prefect, house captain and student ambassador for her boarding school. 

Although this is my first semester at Brandeis, I hope to represent and step forward for my midyear class to contribute to our new home for the next three and a half years,” wrote Tao in her bio. 

The two allocations board seats were won by Seema Nepal ’25 and Elisha Gordan {year}. Nepal wrote in her candidate bio that she wanted to become more involved in improving the student experience at Brandeis. Nepal wrote in her bio that she wants to help clubs and support the community by being a part of the allocations board. 

“My goals are to create inclusion for all voices to be heard and active communication to understand where support is needed,” wrote Nepal in her bio.  

Gordon did not submit a candidate bio. 

Voting was opened on Feb. 3, according to an email sent to students by Pollard. Voting was open for 24 hours and closed at midnight on Feb. 3. 

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