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Maggie Shealy ’23 named All-American, first year Tony Escueta ’25 has impressive performance

Maggie Shealy ’23 and Tony Escueta ’25 traveled to the University of Notre Dame to represent Brandeis at the NCAA National Collegiate Fencing Championships. Shealy ended the tournament with 14 wins and nine losses placing eight in the tournament, while Escueta ended with six wins and 17 losses placing 22nd overall. Brandeis as a whole finished with 20 points, placing 17th in the tournament. 


On the first day of the competition, sabre fencer Shealy ended in fourth place, winning 12 and losing three. Her longest winning streak was 10 matches in a row. On the second day of the competition, Shealy won two matches and dropped six to her opponents; in four of the six losses, she was down by only one point.  


At the end of the second day Brandeis was in 15th place, with 14 points. Shealy herself finished in eighth place, for which she earned second-team All-America honors. Shealy is tied with Tracy Marien ’03 for third place in terms of most wins at NCAAs among Brandeis women. 


On the third day of the competition, sabre fencer Escueta finished with three wins and 12 losses. At the end of the first day, Escueta placed 23rd; he added three points for Brandeis for a total of 17, putting it in 17th place overall. 


On the fourth day, Escueta ended up with another three wins as well as five losses. This puts him at six wins in total and 17 losses. Brandeis finishes with 20 points and in 17th place, out of 27 teams. The Judges finished second among Division III schools. 


NCAA championships were canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19.

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