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Senate Log 3/27

The Brandeis Haircutting Club was chartered during last Sunday’s senate meeting. Jason Dayan ’23  and Jacob Zackai ’23 attended the meeting to re-present their plans for the club. 

After being put into the waiting room, Sofia Lee ’24 commented, “I think they really took our feedback and have gained a lot of interest” and recommended that the club get chartered. Ashna Kelkar ’24 also commented on their Instagram page saying their “posts are fun” and that “they have done their job and have done it well.” After a vote by acclamation, the motion was passed to charter the club. 

Next, the senate decided to charter the Brandeis Hot Pilates club after Samantha Atlas ’25 and Diana Atlas ’25 shared a presentation on the workings of their club. The club’s goal is to improve the physical and mental health of Brandeis students by carrying out classes that work on developing “coordination of body, mind, and spirit” according to their presentation. According to Samantha Atlas, the club wants to be chartered so they can request funding to hire a professional Pilates instructor and equipment. 

Joseph Pendleton ’24 from the Effective Altruism Club was able to receive a majority vote from the senate to charter the club. According to Pendleton, the club aims to encourage students to reflect on how they can have the biggest societal and environmental impact with the limited resources they have and introduce them to the ideas of Effective Altruism. 

All senators voted in favor of chartering except Sahil Muthuswami ’24 and Camaron Johnson ’25 who voted to abstain.

Joshua Liu ’23 attended the meeting to gain recognition for the Brandeis Pokemon Club. As Liu mentioned, the club is essentially a group of fans who will be able to create a “pokemon league” and are not requesting any money for the club. Liu also claimed that there is no existing E-Board for the club. Kelkar commented that they should be a club as they have displayed that they have interest and “are having fun with it.” Joseph Coles ’22 also mentioned that he “reluctantly agrees” that they should be a club since all they are asking for is a space to host their club. 

The senate approved the Senate Money Resolution for the funding for the t-shirts of the next Midnight Buffet. After Samantha Shortall ’22 presented the designs for the t-shirts, all senators voted to approve the SMR by acclimation.

Courtney Thrun ’22 also added that the outdoor festival the Union had planned was postponed to a later date due to the volume of COVID-19 cases on campus. “It won’t be a quality event at the moment,” Thrun commented.


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