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Judiciary gives ruling on Feng vs. Sourirajan and Coles

On Thursday, April 28, the Brandeis Student Union Judiciary released its ruling on the case of Feng v. Sourirajan and Coles. “In a vote following the hearing, the Judiciary found 5-0 that none of the alleged violations constituted a breach of conduct, and consequently Petitioner Feng’s resolutions will not be adopted,” wrote Chief Justice Eamonn Golden ’24. 

In the hearing, Feng argued that ever since he was elected, Sourirajan and Coles had animosity against him and, in their treatment of him, violated the code of conduct. He said that Sourirajan and Coles had political biases against him, which resulted in their move to impeach him.

Coles, who represented himself and Sourirajan, responded by saying that all the issues Feng had experienced were due to his own communication failures. Their official response to the case read, “the Complainant failed to perform the duties of his office, and he was impeached. There were no ulterior motives or improper conduct; in fact, a conscious effort was made by the respondents to be as polite and courteous as possible.”

In response to the case, Coles told The Brandeis Hoot in an email that he is “disappointed that Feng brought this case forward but [is] gratified that the Judiciary unanimously rejected his claims.”

 Feng responded by saying that he “would like to wait to see the official written documents prior to commenting,” in an email to The Hoot. 

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