Brandeis University listed on Mapping Project website

University president Ron Liebowitz sent an email to the Brandeis community discussing the Boston area group known as the Mapping Project, according to an email sent on June 14. The Mapping Project is an initiative that looks at organizations and institutions in the greater Massachusetts area and their connection to the colonization of Palestine, according […]

Interviews with Brandeis University’s academic leadership: the politics department

The chair of Brandeis University’s politics department, Professor Eva Bellin, sat down for an interview with The Brandeis Hoot to shed a little light on the department, its future and herself. This interview is part of a series of interviews with the chairs of a plethora of different academic departments and programs at Brandeis.   […]

Brandeis adopts sustainable campus maintenance practices

The Brandeis Sustainability Committee recently adopted new initiatives targeted at conducting campus maintenance in more sustainable ways and collecting data to make informed decisions regarding future infrastructure changes. These efforts are part of Brandeis’ intermittent years of climate action. The 2022 to 2023 academic year is Brandeis’ fourth year of climate action, with previous efforts […]

‘Uncoupled’ is television rom com with some important messages

Nobody likes going through a breakup. It can be a slap in the face for someone you love to just leave. Not only is it difficult to deal with the end of an era, but it can be even more difficult to start over. That is the premise for the television show “Uncoupled.” Released on […]

Tales from the 90-day exemption period

As of the time of writing this article, Brandeis’ COVID-19 positivity level is… oh right. We don’t have a COVID-19 tracker anymore. As any Brandeis student can attest to, COVID-19 is everywhere on campus right now, and likely spreading to more and more students each day.    Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing how […]

Bridget Pickard ’23 faster than a speeding goose

Although senior cross country captain Bridget Pickard ’23 only had to travel 20 minutes when going from high school to college, she had to make plenty of adjustments during her transition. Ultimately, after three years at Brandeis, Pickard was selected to be one of the captains for the women’s cross country and track and field […]

‘Vengeance’ is a great movie with a lot to say

“Vengeance,” written, directed by and starring B.J. Novak, is a murder mystery, told from the perspective of an East Coast journalist investigating a supposed opioid overdose in West Texas. The film attempts to deconstruct cultural stereotypes central to the American identity, through the story of a family plagued with grief turning to an outsider to […]

East Quad: an attempt at an explanation

From now this point forward, consider yourself an intrepid explorer, braving the architectural unknowns of East Quad. The descent into the quad is a steep one, but fear not, your Brandeis calves, strengthened from continuous climbs up the Rabb steps, will aid you in your quest. “Imposing”–that is the first thought that arises at the […]

Fall Flex 2022 was disappointing

I don’t think that it comes as a surprise to anyone that Fall Flex this year was poorly attended. In fact, I was unaware of its existence until 10:30 a.m. the day of, when a close friend encouraged me to accompany her to the concert. The first thing which felt a little off was the […]

‘Beatopia’: a no skip album for the fall

On July 15, the artist beabadoobee released her fifth album “Beatopia.” Beabadoobee is known for her catchy bedroom pop and TikTok-worthy tunes, but “Beatopia” shows a slight venture into different styles of music for Bea, while still maintaining the light and airy vocals listeners love. The album consists of 14 songs; one of which, “10:36,” […]

Muffin review

Seeing as our former resident food reviewers have graduated—Sasha Skarboviychuk ’21 MA ’22 and John Fornagiel ’22—it seems only fitting to continue their legacy by writing food-related opinion pieces. While I am just a young novice compared to them, I hope to make them proud by letting their food reviews live on.  For this edition, […]

A wheel-y bad wheelbarrow

Anyone who knows anything about turn-of-the-century farm equipment will know that modern wheelbarrows simply do not stand the test of time and use. Before we delve into the differences between wheelbarrows it will be important for you as the reader to familiarize yourself with the two pictures you see attached to this article. Named figure […]

Brandeis sweeps Wellesley at cross country meet

The Brandeis University men’s and women’s cross country teams both ran to victory Friday at Wellesley College. The men’s team had the top 11 runners to defeat Regis College, 15-50, while the women edged the host Blue, 40-43, and two other teams.  In men’s highlights: Senior Matthew Driben ’23, picked up the win of the […]

Dogsick: the Gen Z variant of homesickness

By the time this article is published, I will have been living in Massachusetts for almost three weeks, over three hundred miles away from my home state of Maryland. In addition to adjusting to a new routine and an overheated freshman dorm, I will have completed just over two weeks of my first college classes. […]

Women’s soccer starts the season with close battles

Last year the Brandeis women’s soccer team had a very good overall year. The team went 12-5-2 but ultimately fell short during the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) tournament. This year, the team looked to build off that previous year success as they started the season against their most recent opponent. The women’s soccer team […]

BookTok worth it or not: Emily Henry edition

Welcome back to another week of me reviewing books so you don’t have to read! Wow, I feel like SparkNotes or Shmoop—all the real ones used Shmoop in high school.  Anyway, I watch TikTok on Instagram Reels (since I refuse to download the app because I think it would feed my addictive personality) and then […]

Univ. announces The Legacy of Louis project

The university announced the start of a new initiative—The Legacy of Louis: Inspiring Inquiry. The Brandeis National Committee made the release on their website talking about the initial stages of the project. The Legacy of Louis: Inspiring Inquiry was announced leading up to the university’s 75th anniversary, which will be in 2023. The project is […]

Re:wild Brandeis organizes reservoir cleanup

Re:wild Brandeis, formerly known as Herbicide-Free Brandeis, met on campus and ventured to the nearby water reservoir to pick up trash, on Saturday, Sept. 3. The cleanup began around 1 p.m. and lasted approximately two hours.  In an interview with The Brandeis Hoot, a representative of Re:wild Brandeis explained that there were 11 people at […]

Brandeis University 2022 Annual Security Report published on Wednesday

The Brandeis Chief of Public Safety shared the Brandeis University 2022 Annual Security Report on Sept. 7 in an email to community members. The publication and collection of the data in the report is required by federal statutory law, which was recently amended in 2020.  Brandeis Public Safety writes in the publication that they “maintain […]

Univ. received $16.5 million for endowed professorships

Ron Liebowitz, university president, announced that the university received five separate donor gifts accumulating to $16.5 million in this fiscal year, according to an email sent to community members on Sep. 7. The money will be spent on establishing four new faculty chair positions, according to the email.  “I am delighted to share more information […]