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Jill Greenlee awarded 2022 Lerman-Neubauer Prize

Associate Professor of Politics Jill Greenlee was awarded the 2022 Lerman-Neubauer Prize for Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring. This award commends faculty members who provide exceptional support to students and positively impact student lives in the capacity of a mentor. In addition to the title, the prize awards faculty members with $5,000 and is presented annually during the spring at the April faculty meeting. Lerman-Neubauer recipients members often hold full-time, tenured positions and are involved in both the cocurricular and extracurricular activities on campus. 

Greenlee teaches numerous courses in the Politics department, such as “The American Congress,” “Political Psychology,” “Gender in American Politics” and more. A comprehensive list of the courses she teaches can be found on her faculty page

The award site displays student thoughts regarding Greenlee’s teaching and mentorship. Students commend Greenlee on her availability to meet with students after class hours, support them on assignments and help them navigate career and life decisions. One student wrote, “Her passion for teaching about marginalized, underrepresented groups in American political institutions is palpable from every carefully assigned reading and every thought provoking lecture.”

Greenlee’s area of research expertise includes American politics, political socialization, public opinion, gender and politics and racial attitudes, and she has a number of research projects currently ongoing. One topic she is exploring is the effect of being the father of a daughter on men’s gender-linked political affiliations and behavior. In collaboration with other researchers, Greenlee is also investigating the gender gaps between political ambition and whether political socialization during childhood has an impact on these trends. Lastly, she also works on questions regarding racial attitudes and generational change in political attitudes as a result of political socialization. 

In addition to her research undertakings, Greenlee is currently working on producing a manuscript for a book that details racial attitudes in white Americans who came of age during Obama’s presidency with her co-authors. Her work has previously been published in journals such as Political Psychology, Politics and Gender and Political Behavior.

The selection process for a Lerman-Neubauer Prize recipient involves nominations from faculty, staff, students and alumni through a nomination form where community members can describe their reasons for nominating the professor and provide examples of instances in which the faculty member went above and beyond in mentorship and support. Other factors that go into the decision making process include Faculty Activity Reports, teaching evaluations and CVs. Ultimately, the recipient is selected by the Dean of Arts and Sciences based on the recommendation proposed by a committee of two students appointed by the Student Union, two former Lerman-Neubauer recipients and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

For the 2022-2023 academic year, nominations for faculty are due March 1, 2023.

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