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Choose your weapon! Episodes 3 and 4 of ‘Blue Lock’

Returning back to the world of “Blue Lock,” we finally get to see our main character and the rest of the strikers in Block Z actually compete in a real match at this facility. Going up against Block X, this is also our first introduction to the soccer players outside of the Z group, and ultimately the rest of the competitors for the title of the world’s greatest striker.

With the instructions to make a traditional soccer team, with defenders, midfielders, forwards and a goalie, Team Z and Team X meet on the field. The first of many matches, the two teams with the most wins at the end continue in the program, while the rest are sent home. The top scorer on the losing teams, however, will be able to continue to compete for their shot.

And with that lovely threat hanging over their heads, the game commences.  

The strikers of Team Z seemed to have settled on various positions, though it is more than clear that some aren’t happy about the roles they are assigned. This is especially made clear, however, when they immediately start to break away from their roles, making it a free for all where everyone tries to score a goal and same themselves. A rather horrible strategy really—even more so when the opposing team realizes that they are not organized in the slightest. This realization leads to Team X teaming up to support one player rather than fighting for themselves, the striker known as Shōei Barō (Junichi Suwabe). He is quickly established as the “leader” of this group, and as the team supports him, Isagi (Kazuki Ura) notices the way that his team stabilizes. 

The goals keep racking up, and Isagi and Meguru Bachira (Tasuku Kaito), a growing ally in this competition, decide to fend for themselves. This leads to Isagi getting control of the ball, and a chance to land a goal before the first match ends. Barō shows up to stop him. Two of Isagi’s teammates are approaching on either side from behind. The ball is kicked. 

The first goal for our team is made! Coming in clutch, sending the soccer ball shooting into the goal is … not the main character? Turns out that instead it’s Rensuke Kunigami (Yūki Ono) who gets the first and final shot for their team in this first match after receiving a pass from Isagi. Personally, seeing that turn of events warmed my heart. He’s a character that has constantly talked about his desire for fairness throughout the first few episodes, so seeing him have a moment to shine was wonderful to see. 

However, this moment of celebration is short lived, with the final game ending with Team X the winner. 

In the wake of this defeat, however, Isagi shares the importance for everyone to solidify as a team, and the need to unify under one goal. Jinpachi Ego (Hiroshi Kamiya) pops in on his screen to support this theory, and after a rousing speech about soccer and finding their own individual strengths, we move on to episode 4, where everyone shares their self-proclaimed special talent. Well, almost everyone. Isagi, poor poor Isagi, cannot for the life of him come up with one, and another player Hyōma Chigiri (Sōma Saitō) simply chooses not to share. 

However, with what is given, Wataru Kuon (Masatomo Nakazawa), a striker that is quickly being established as the peacekeeper of the group, comes up with a strategy that allows a way to compromise and have a shot at winning the next game. 

A week passes before the next match, and in that time, Isagi still can’t figure out what his weapon is. At least until Kunigami stops by and interrupts his brooding. Not only do we learn more about why he is so invested in being a soccer player, but he also points out that Isagi’s weapon may be his ability to make quick decisions. Speaking of, Kunigami thanks Isagi for the decision to pass to him with half of the steak that he got for scoring the goal, and it looks like the start of a wonderful friendship. Kunigami is so sweet, and so cool, and simply because of this, I do not imagine he is going to last long in this competition. But hopefully he’ll push through!

And with that wholesome moment out of the way, the second game starts against Team Y. At first it looks like it is all going well! Team Z is organized, and there’s a new sense of hope to this game. But then, Team Y responds in equal force. They can’t get a goal in. 

And then the introduction of Ikki Niko (Natsuki Hanae) and Hibiki Ōkawa (Yūki Shin) is coupled with a goal for Team Y, and Isagi sets his sights and worries on Hibiki Ōkawa. The game continues, and Team Z ends up with a corner kick, the closest they’ve gotten to a goal this game. Everyone is prepped to get the ball into the net, when all of a sudden, Isagi’s intuition picks up on something. The kick is fired, and the ball ends up sailing towards Niko, the hidden monster of Team Y. But due to his intuition, Isagi intercepts and winds up with the ball. This quick thinking gives him the chance he’s been waiting for, and Isagi once again shoots the ball.

He misses.

But Gin Gagamaru (Shugo Nakamura) comes in clutch, sacrificing his face to get the soccer ball into the net, and tying the two teams. Gagamaru compliments his pass, and I get a sense that this is going to be a common occurrence throughout the series, but it’s one that I think I can get used to.

And just like that, the teams are tied, and the fourth episode is brought to an end.

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