Disney’s ‘Encanto’: a musical story of love and acceptance

“Encanto” tells the story of the Madrigal family, who are each granted powers when they come of age by their magical home. All except for Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz), who, for some reason, is left powerless. However, when she starts to notice that the house is starting to decay—and in turn, that her family’s magic is […]

‘Baking Impossible’: A new take on the world of baking

When I first saw “Baking Impossible” pop up on my Netflix home page, I immediately clicked play. My rabbit hole into baking shows started with the release of “Nailed It” on Netflix, and since then I have consistently clicked on baking shows as they have been released, testing to see if they lived up to […]

Fish—a short story

Olivia had fallen in love with Victor on her first day at the office. She had been flustered and embarrassed, first day jitters and lack of experience leading to a pissed-off customer and a teary-eyed new employee. Everyone else had just given her pitying looks or awkwardly moved past her, but Victor had stopped next […]

The last time I saw Richard

The last time that I saw Richard was when we visited the Botanical Gardens in Downtown Atlanta, where he complained about how Tim and I—Tim’s my boyfriend, by the way—had no sense of tourism on our trips. He wasn’t exactly wrong—we had spent the last three days bouncing between restaurants, our room and movie theaters—but […]

Butterscotch Blues: a short story

Owen Swain had been working at this office for three weeks, and it had only taken him a day to realize that it was not going to be everything he thought it was. He had expected hands-on surgeries, a supportive mentor and getting one step closer to his dream of being a dentist himself. Instead […]

‘Moxie’ merges high school drama and feminism

So, after watching “Moxie” in my quest to find something new, I have to say that it was actually pretty good. Rather than shuffling high school characters around in a game of “who-likes-who” in the usual teenage drama style, the Netflix film focuses on feminism, the intersectionality of feminism and the journey one high school […]