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Student Union hosts special elections

The Student Union will be hosting a round of special elections for the Spring 2023 semester, according to an email sent by Carol Kornworcel ’26—Student Union Secretary. There are five positions currently available including Massell Quad Senator, Charles River Quad Senator, Foster Mods Quad Senator, Class of 2023 Senator and Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program (MKTYP) Senator.

Of the five available positions, three are open to the entire undergraduate student body, according to Kornworcel. These positions include Foster Mods Quad Senator, Class of 2023 Senator and MKTYP Senator. Typically undergraduate students may only run for positions in which they fall into the category of, for example the Class of 2023 Senator must be graduating in the class of 2023. 

The Student Union held an Elections Information Session on Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. in the Student Union Office located in Suite 301 in the Shapiro Campus Center (SCC). A remote option was also available for community members who were unable to attend in person via Instagram live stream on the student union’s account. 

Candidate biographies were due on or before Thursday, March 2 for those intending on running for any of the positions available. Late submissions will not be included in the Candidate biography document, though names will still be included for those running. The campaign period will run from March 3 through to March 10, the campaign period will end on election day which is scheduled for March 10, according to the email. 

The Student Union also announced it would be bringing back their bi-monthly email newsletters. 

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