Ranking some fruits: part 1

The last time I did a ranking I did vegetables. It is only right that I continue this series with fruit. I want to start by prefacing that I have not had a large portion of these fruits. But I will continue to provide the most elite commentary you could possibly read when it comes […]

Softball starts off season in California

Over winter break, the Judges’ softball team started off their season in not-so-sunny California as the unideal weather conditions impacted their games. The Judges headed into the week having two doubleheaders scheduled against Whittier College and Pomona-Pitzer College. However, their double header against Pomona-Pitzer College was canceled due to inclement weather. Despite their rain delays […]

Is Jell-O actually good, or are we fooling ourselves?

This article is part of an ongoing collaborative column by Gonny Nir and Jamie Trope. In this column, the authors explore questions big & small, worthwhile & worthless, obvious & absurd, all for the humble pursuit of knowledge, truth and sanity (or lack thereof).   Greetings, Gonny!   First and foremost, I would like to […]

Men’s basketball nears end of the season

As the season begins to close, the men’s basketball team looked to build off of their big win against the University of Chicago. Their first game of the closing stretch was a rematch against the University of Rochester. The Judge beat them in their first matchup of the season 83-72.  The first half started out […]

Setting the record straight on cookies

Many of The Hoot’s editors have taken on the topic of Oreos in our newspaper’s opinions section. But they’re all wrong. As opinions editor, I am the only one allowed to have correct opinions and everybody else is so despicably wrong that they should be completely barred from writing for The Hoot ever again. To […]

Random NFL hot takes for each team

The National Football League (NFL) is officially in the offseason and I believe it is going to be a wild one. It seems like there are so many players that are rumored to be moving around that I think that the NFL landscape is going to be very different next season. Here’s one hot take […]

Swinging into focus

300 yards; that is a long distance. It is roughly 50 yards short of the height of the Eiffel Tower and roughly three-quarters the height of the Empire State building. If you were to be staring down the length of a straight 300 yard distance infront of you it would take you a good while […]

Lifting the bar high: Women only gym hours come in Gosman

Gyms are often a male-dominated arena. Jokes about gym bros and general gym culture often surround masculinity, leaving no space for women. This is not a problem unique to Brandeis but widespread in our society. So it is not a novel solution to create spaces specifically for women in these environments where they are typically […]

New Vice President of Student Affairs appointed

The university announced the appointment of Andrea Dine to the position of Vice President of Student Affairs, according to an email sent to community members on Feb. 28. Dine accepted the position after serving as the university’s Interim Vice President of Student Affairs beginning officially in June 2022. “We are delighted that she has agreed […]

Remember we’re here too

This past week, community members returned from break and campus resumed operating at full capacity. But some students were unable to leave campus for the week-long February break, and many were left feeling like the university forgot they were there. Between having minimal dining hours and options and lack of maintenance in corridor-style housing, students […]

Brandeis participates in Putnam Mathematics Competition

Professor of Mathematics Olivier Bernardi announced Brandeis’ performance at the 83rd annual William Lowell Putnam Mathematics Competition based on recently released results. The competition took place on Dec. 3, 2022. The Brandeis team ranked 39th out of the 456 institutions that participated in the competition.  The Putnam Competition is known as the preeminent mathematics competition […]

The 95th Oscars: What will win and what should win

Calling all film lovers, it is that time of year again. I’m going to be perfectly honest, this was not my favorite movie year. While some films were exemplary, the lineup as a whole was kind of mixed and not that mind-blowing. I found last year to be a better year and the year before […]

Fencing competes at NEIFC Championships

After competing in the Duke Invitational, the Brandeis men’s and women’s fencing teams looked to bounce back at the New England Intercollegiate Fencing Conference (NEIFC) Championships. The competition took place on Feb. 25 at Wellesley College.  The day got started with some team events. Men’s foil had the highlight of the day after the squad […]

A guide to Boston-area theater

As a theater fan who grew up in the Boston area, I have a lot of familiarity with the Boston-area theater scene. While not as flashy as neighboring New York, Boston theater is still rich, diverse and high quality. Dozens of shows play each year across a wide range of companies with various specialties. For […]

F1 preseason testing concludes in Bahrain

The 2023 Formula 1 season has kicked off over the weekend in the sunny Arabian nation of Bahrain. The 10 teams and their 20 drivers get to properly test their cars for the first time in three months and while there hasn’t been a major regulation change, as was the case last year, there were […]

Accolades and wins for the women’s tennis team, men split matches

Bhakti Parwani ’25 won the UAA Women’s Tennis Player of the Week on Feb. 27. This was the sophomore’s second time earning this title. It comes following her impressive record in both singles and doubles, holding 4-3 and 8-1 season records, respectively.   This award also comes on the tails of the women’s successful trip […]

Women’s basketball concludes their season with three away games

To conclude their 2020-2023 season and University Athletic Association (UAA) conference games, the women’s basketball team played three away games. First they faced the University of Rochester Yellowjackets on Friday, Feb. 17, then they played the Emory University Eagles on Sunday, Feb. 19, and for the final game of their season, they played against the […]

Alumni Climate Career Panel

This past Tuesday, Feb. 28, the university hosted a career panel with alumni who work in areas relating to climate. The event was sponsored by the Office of Sustainability’s Year of Climate Action, Hiatt Career Center and the Environmental Studies Department. Four Brandeis alumni were present at the event, which was moved to Zoom as […]