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Student-run Brandeis meme page celebrates door week

Created on Feb. 17, 2022, the Instagram account @brandeis.chungles continues to bring joy to the Brandeis community. The anonymously-run meme page pokes fun and makes light of different aspects of the Brandeis campus. 

At the end of the fall 2022 semester, the account even organized and ran a full scavenger hunt, complete with clues scattered all around campus with a mysterious reward at the end. The account has become popular, with 760 followers and over 140 posts at the time of publication. 

Beginning on March 6, 2023, @brandeis.chungles launched the first-ever door week. For every day of door week, @brandeis.chungles is posting not one, but multiple, Brandeis door-related memes. It appears that Brandeis University has no shortage of doors to make fun of. The Brandeis Hoot spoke with the meme page in an exclusive interview to learn more about door week, what it is and how @brandeis.chungles is celebrating it. 

What is door week?

Door week is a celebration of the doors around campus. We find it important to point out small, often forgotten aspects of our campus to appreciate, and have a fun celebration about such a random topic.

What inspired you to create door week?

We have always had small ideas about door-related memes, but they never have a place. One part of our job is to try to describe large concepts and put them into a one-page format. This is quite a challenge (in the most pretentious way possible). One night we were walking out of Sherman and discussed how many door-related memes we had thought up throughout our meme career and had never made, and we had the idea to post them all during the same week and have a big “door” themed week. 

What are the most difficult doors to use on campus?

The most difficult door that we use is the door to our room at the end of each incredible day. It is so sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful Brandeis day.

If you could improve the Brandeis doors in any way, how would you change them?

This is a conversation that we find important to start on campus; accessibility and the fact that many people are unable to have full access to every building on campus is an upsetting aspect underlying this week. There are many beautiful places on campus that are sadly inaccessible to many people, and we should focus as a community on how to work for a more accessible Brandeis.

Is there anything you, @brandeis.chungles, would like to tell the greater Brandeis community about doors?

Open every door that life faces you with!



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