I see Paris I see France

For those wondering what kinds of places you will go to when you are abroad then worry not, for I may have an answer. You will see parts of the world you have only seen in photographs and the craziest part about all of it—you’ll see them all within weeks of each other! It is […]

The notorious C.A.B.

As one of the few clubs that was operational during the pandemic, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) is in full swing as it plans for the return of an in-person “Springfest” on Brandeis’ campus. President Abigail Winter ’22 and Vice President Douglas Vantran ’22 sat down for a virtual Zoom interview with The Brandeis Hoot […]

Welcome to the ‘Class of 2026’

To the children whose parents got down and dirty on some night in 2004, or day—we know some of you got freaky parents—we here at Brandeis want to offer you our most sincere welcome. At Brandeis you will be joining the ranks of some of the world’s greatest minds. From the guy who walks next […]

Rules for the club

To my travel enthusiasts I regret to inform you that the pause in travel stories has continued one more week. I promise that next week I will inform you as to how my weekend in London went but as for right now there is something more pressing on my mind—etiquette in a club or bar. […]

All gassed up on trains again

If you saw my name on this article and thought, “oh boy, I wonder if this article is about European trains?” then you would be half right. I want to take a quick break from your regularly scheduled programming concerning my erratic adventures around Europe to discuss something that most Americans are probably fuming about […]

Landstuhl, Germany, to Valencia, Spain

Being abroad means being versatile at every hour of the day, and these past two weeks have taught me just that. On the weekend of Feb. 19, I traveled to the small town of Landstuhl, Germany, to meet up with some Brandeis friends (shoutout to Joey the Jeopardy god, Julia and Noam)! This is where […]

Amsterdam and Utrecht – when and where to explore them

My recent travels have brought me to two cities in one day—Utrecht and Amsterdam. Both filled with different levels of charm and appeal which I was not expecting when I arrived in either of them. My day began in Utrecht and I will admit that it was not because I wanted to go there. I […]

Spring abroad so far

For everyone who studies abroad during their time at college, they all take away very different things from their very different experiences (even if they’re on the same program, too). To chronicle my adventure, and honestly for the sake of my own terrible memory, I want to share what I have been able to do […]

Perfect panini’s from “Hot Table”

Over winter break, we ventured into the wilderness that is Western Massachusetts to visit Editor-at-Large, Thomas. On our adventure, he introduced us to one of his favorite comfort foods: paninis from Hot Table. “Hot Table was founded in 2007 by brothers John and Chris DeVoie and restauranteur Don Watroba in their hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts,” […]

Oral health and manners

       When I was a child, I had the mouth of a Brit. My mouth was simply too small for all the teeth inside of it and on top of that I had a crossbite overbite. Which is a very nice way of saying that my teeth were all crammed in there and with nowhere […]

Aviation Club flies high at Brandeis

Fifteen minutes north of campus in the town of Bedford there is an airfield hiding in plain sight. As you drive through the residential neighborhood one would never think that beyond those quiet homes lies the chance for Brandeis’ students to fly. Well, the Aviation Club is making that possible as everyone is invited to […]

That doesn’t make any sense!

It is the final season here at Brandeis meaning that midterm season which started in mid-September and runs until, well just about right now, is over. We Brandeis students have been pushing hard to make it to this point without any breaks from the beginning of October to last week, but now winter break is […]

Kids say the darndest things

Over the summer I took on a new job which was nothing like my previous one. You see, in high school and for my first year of college I worked at a restaurant because all my friends worked there and we loved the managers. Shoutout to Val’s restaurant in Holden—best chicken Marsala in North America. […]

Brandeis rakes in the honors from the fall season

On Thursday Nov. 11, Lara Verstovsek ’25, the first-year right-side hitter, on the volleyball team was named second-team All-Association selection by the University Athletic Association (UAA). The best offensive player on the team, Verstovsek averaged 2.72 kills per set (the most on Brandeis’ team), placing seventh in the conference, but ranked fifth for her 275 […]

Was ‘Eternals’ worth the wait?

[Warning: this article contains spoilers] Last Friday, the newest installment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe was introduced to the world: “Eternals.” Now you could go to official movie reviewers and get a far more holistic and comprehensive review of the movie but why would you do that when you have us, your friendly neighborhood uninformed […]

The real Brandeis housing survey

On Monday, Nov. 8 the student body received what I would consider to be one of the least and most important emails we may ever get—a housing survey. My eyes watered at the thought of being able to rip Brandeis a brand new one as I would tear the survey apart and criticize every part […]

Student Union round two special election results

The Student Union held its second round of special elections for the Fall 2021 semester on Nov. 4, according to an email sent by Jasmyne Jean-Remy ’22, Student Union Chief of Staff. Students had 24 hours to vote in the elections. The Senate position that was voted for was secretary. The other positions on the […]

Celebrity signature insights

Brandeis, you may not have asked for this, you may not have wanted this but by God do you absolutely not need this. Today myself and Rachel Landis ’23 want to bring the world of stardom a little closer to this campus, and no we are not extending the Rabb Steps into space. Instead, today […]

Women’s basketball faces loss in preseason

On Monday, Nov. 1, the Brandeis women’s basketball team held a preseason scrimmage against Assumption University in the Red Auerbach Arena here at Brandeis University. Assumption University, a Division II school from Worcester, Massachusetts, held the lead throughout most of the match. The Greyhounds, led by coach Kerry Phayre, kept the pressure on the Judges […]

The great Brandeisian façade: Accessibility on crutches

Despite the hard-earned academic acclaim Brandeis receives as an institution it has continuously sat at #48 on the list of ugliest college campuses in America. As described by the college reviewers from COMPLEX magazine, despite Brandeis hiring one of the most renowned modern architects of the twenty first century, Eero Saarinen, his skill was not […]