The final ‘Tommy Time’

It’s funny. I am confronted with the final article of my Brandeis Hoot career. A time and place I thought at one point would never come, yet also a time and place, in some moments, I could not wait for. Beginning my time at Brandeis I was sure that senior year would never come. That […]

Boolean gemini

I tend to read before I go to bed, until the clock hits an hour so unreasonable that I won’t dare to put it down in writing, and I dog ear the page I’m on before slamming my head into my pillow. This time I set aside for reading has led me through some thoroughly […]

Univ. admin. salaries: Are they really as big as we claim?

Brandeis University is, for tax and legal purposes, a nonprofit organization that is tax-exempt. One of the requirements of such organizations is that the university is bound by law to produce and publish public information documents that reveal the university administration’s salaries and benefits. Anyone can access these forms online and, as of the publishing […]

Brandeisian reflections: a graduating senior and a rising junior

One of the, perhaps silliest but, most storied traditions here at The Hoot is the Editorial Board’s practice of tracing our lineages. Not our actual lineages with 23andme or but rather who our “Hoot Parents” and “Hoot Grandparents” are. In writing this article Thomas Pickering ’23, current editor-in-chief, and Cooper Gottfried ’25, current opinions […]

The Florida experience

Spring break for everyone is different. I have discussed in the past about how other colleges and universities schedule their spring breaks. However, since Brandeis provides its students with an April break for Passover this means that everyone truly has a very different Spring Break experience. For some they go home to celebrate the holidays […]

‘History of the World: Part II’ brings fresh takes to a timeless classic

Mel Brooks finally lived up to his promise of a sequel to his famous comedy “History of the World: Part I” (HOTWPI). Released in 1981, HOTWPI was a comical take on human history with the gag in the title being that no sequel would be released despite it being named “part one.” In the same […]

Track and Field cruise through spring season

The Brandeis Track and Field team have been busy this April as they have competed in five meets this month alone. On the 1st they competed in the Tufts Snowflake Classic, on the 6th in the Regis College Classic, on the 8th in the Amherst Spring Fling, on the 14th in the Friar Invitational and […]

How ‘Full Swing’ measures up

As I walked out of my room last week I made eye contact with one of my roommates. Tears in my eyes I looked right at her and said, “This may be the straightest thing I will ever say, but the golf documentary on Netflix has me crying right now.” Regardless of how I felt […]

From Los Angeles to Waltham: let there be light

Every time you drive, walk or run past the Rose Art Museum at night you cannot help but be taken aback—and nearly blinded—by the amount of light coming from the “Light of Reason” installation. The collection of 24 street lamps release an aggressive glow, yet one cannot help but be drawn to the public art […]

This just in: two is still greater than one

If you look at the Brandeis academic calendar for any of the spring semesters you may notice something that just seems off—no March break. It is the stereotypical “spring break” shown in so many movies, tv shows and even written about in books that is filled with trips to tropical locations and massive parties. It […]

What is wrong with a bubble?

Brandeis, to most, can seem like a fishbowl because of how frequently you see everyone and their mother walking down campus; particularly those who you do not want to see being the ones you end up seeing the most. This has wound up with the campus earning the nickname “the Brandeis bubble”. But, in truth, […]

Simon Sinek ’95: Optimism and effective leadership

Simon Sinek ’95—a university alumnus who is known for a viral TEDx video—spoke with Brandeis students on entrepreneurship and how to create a constructive work environment. Throughout the event, Sinek spoke to the characteristics of corporations, organizations, individuals, workers and leaders which make them successful in the world today. Sinek has captured the attention of […]

‘Drive to Survive’ season 5 overlooks major moments

The phrase “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” screams around my mind just as a Formula One (F1) car does on track. The motorsport of F1 racing is growing rapidly in the United States with the help of one major streaming player: Netflix. The entertainment giant for the past five years has closely followed […]

Swinging into focus

300 yards; that is a long distance. It is roughly 50 yards short of the height of the Eiffel Tower and roughly three-quarters the height of the Empire State building. If you were to be staring down the length of a straight 300 yard distance infront of you it would take you a good while […]

UAA track and field championships comes to Gosman

On Feb. 25 and 26 Brandeis University hosted the University Athletic Association (UAA) championships. Over the course of the two days both the men’s and women’s side finished with scoring performances. Beginning with the first day’s events, the Judges not only scored points but also had competitors move on to the finals during the second […]

Tommy Time returns

Well well well. It has been a long time since this column has been opened and a lot has changed since we last spoke. When the column was opened four years ago COVID-19 still had not sent myself and the rest of my class home. There was a lot of promise for this column as […]

Judges take off at River Hawk Invitational at New Balance

For the third meet of the indoor track and field season, the Judges traveled to The Track at New Balance for the University of Massachusetts Lowell River Hawk Invitational. The two-day meet was not scored and the women competed on Friday while the men competed on Saturday. The men competed against all divisions of NCAA […]

Seeds of greatness in ‘Rush!’

Måneskin is perhaps one of the biggest rock bands in the world at the moment since their win at the 2021 Eurovision contest. What was once a small Italian rock band was propelled to stardom with their rock song “ZITTI E BUONI” (“shut up and be good” in English). From there they released “Beggin’,” a […]

‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish’ is Dreamworks at their best

When once in a blue moon a movie catches your eye and gets you excited, there is no better way to experience it than in the movie theater! While most people tend to reserve this kind of emotion for larger movies such as “Everything Everywhere All at Once” I run counter to that culture. I […]

Tommy Thyme

In honor of the past tradition held by former Editors-in-Chief Sasha and John, I have elected to take up a new food review column—one driven not by fast food frenzy but by homecooked and easy-to-make meals. For those who want to follow along from their prison cells of Brandeis housing kitchens let me begin by […]